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A Cautionary Letter to Me From Me to Start 2019
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Dear Hooves,

We meet again on the first day of the year. Thank your lucky stars that you do not drink because I would hate to see what your New Year's morning face would be with a hangover. That face is not getting any younger, Hooves.

Reasonable goals seem to be the order of the day. Don't bite off more than one can masticate comfortably over the course of a year.

In that vein, try and eat a few more healthy things. I know you won't stick to a diet, but you certainly can stand to walk more and you can eat an apple now and then. You do not need to expand your girth any further. Enough is enough in that department, Hooves.

With regard to writing, please do focus on doing the "I Write in 2019 activity to the best of your ability, just as you did in 2018. You did your work faithfully, one week at a time, with a little acceleration helped by the rules at the end. Even when you were ill, you still did the work and the reviews required. I am proud of you, especially for November and December. If you could do the work then, you should have no problem going forward, trying new things in 2019. You even placed in the site contest in November by doing the work. Way to go, Hooves.

Write faithfully in your campfires with Princess Megan Rose 22 Years because you enjoy that and it is good to write every day that you are here. That keeps your mind working and she always gives good quotations to inspire you to write your piece.

Try to be more forgiving of others.

Scratch that.

You will never get there in this lifetime. Blame it on maternal heredity.

How about forgetting about old things that have no bearing on what you are here for, which is friendships, reading and writing? It is not your job to police the world and stare down those who might be irresponsible or even nasty. You do not need to scold those who snap at you.

Just turn the old hindquarters toward their general vicinity and...well. You know very well what comes next.

And it isn't a breath of fresh air, that's for sure.

Rest your eyes more on days that you aren't here. Read and write more when you are offline. Do your judging for "The Writer's Cramp as always, in a timely manner. Try to think of more and varied prompts that help other writers to write.

Once a month, buy gift points when you can afford to do so. You spend a lot of time here and get a lot of enjoyment out of the site. You are fortunate to be able to do this, so do it. Try and commission at least one merit badge closer to the site anniversary. Make it a good one.

Do not get hung up on petty things.

Well, try not to do that. I do not hold much hope for your success in that department as you seem to get worse about the brooding thing as you age.

Most of all, this year, try your very best to avoid doctors and their offices.

And keep that blood pressure smooth and low by not thinking about the deficiencies and the evil aliens, from outer space, who work at your local post office.

Best wishes for some modest success and tasty hay in the New Year.

Your friend when you behave and when you give me stuff,


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