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New Year's poem for contest....New Year's resolution failed...again?
172 (27 lines)
Where the hell are my ribs?
And that sexy 6 pack I caught glimpses of back in August?
As much as I try not to trust it
Deep down, I know that the damn mirror never lies.
I knew what story it would tell me at least a week ago
When I felt the jiggling flub return to my midsection
Like Auntie Zelda’s annual Christmas jelly roll.
Damn jelly roll.
It took four days of 2019 to brave the scale.
2018 resolution failure confirmed.
Fat boy walkin at 185.

Oh to dream of 172.
“This time next year,
I’ll be there!” I scream defiantly at my mirror.
My face, contorted in anger yet my chin still high:
Did I look so confident when I resolved to 172 last year?
How about 2016? 2015?

Back and back it goes...year after year, failure upon failure.
So why set this goal again?
Because, there is no quit in this body.
Past performance does not determine future outcomes.
At least, today, on the fourth of January, I believe that.
Well ribs…sexy six pack…
Looking forward to your big reveal in a few months!
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