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Rated: E · Short Story · Animal · #2179143
A tale of a German Shepard who goes on a journey to find a sense of belonging and love.
The wind was harsh that night. Rain started to belt down harder than it had done in a long time. The stars could not be seen however if she looked closely she could see the moon. In the middle of the night she was looking through a window of a home, her eyes shone with wonder and she had a spark of wildness within her spirit. Inside the window was a family who looked happy and dry. She could see a mother tending to the needs of her child, but couldn't quite make out a father figure. She was colourblind you see which made her seem powerless for her pupils could not recognise the beauty of a rainbow.

Drenched in rain she knew she had to find shelter away from the storm. She was quenched with thirst and hungry for she had not eaten in days. It was hard for her to find food for her nose wasn't as good as it used to be. Whenever she walked the streets she was stared at. Maybe it was because of her beauty or her vision but she didn't mind the attention. On this particular night the weather continued to howl and roar, she was frightened so her body started to shake. The wind did not seem to care nor did anyone else at the time. Most were out of sight, tucked away in their homes, scared and safe. She was brave. She was lonely too, and craved the love of someone or something she could wrap her arms around.

When morning came around the weather was no longer angry and had calmed down. The sun shone like it always did and she started off the day by walking to the city to find food. Usually she would search around some dumpsters for leftovers but on this particular day she felt like there was more food in the middle of the city. The city had a certain smell that she despised but also loved, she felt like she was breathing in reused air but she didn't complain. She was grateful even when she had nothing. She used her nose to find a bag of food that had been abandoned by someone in a rush. She was happy for the food still had wrappings on them.

Before she had time to open them she spotted a figure out of the corner of her eye. A boy wrapped up in a blanket looking cold and hungry. Out of the goodness of her heart before even thinking she picked up the bag and walked over to the boy. An older man came out of his shop with a broom and started to use it as a weapon to try and get rid of the boy sleeping under the blanket. Without even thinking she suddenly jumped out in front of the broom to stop the man but ended up falling to the ground. "Get away you stupid mutt.. adiós ..Oh Dios mío." He kept mumbling something under his breath but she was too dizzy to make out what he was saying. The man had kicked her so hard she had lost her hearing. The boy grabbed her and the food and vanished. He was grateful and pledged a vow to take good care of her the best he could until they no longer needed each other.

They became the family they never had to each other, and it was on one unordinary afternoon as she was fetching food for the boy did she see her reflection in the shops window. She saw how much she had changed. Her ears were sticking up, her mattered coat no longer had dags in it, her four legs were still working fine and her tail still wagged whenever the boy called for her name. He named her Luna. For she was the luna eclipse in his lifetime. She was the moon that came directly into his shadow when he needed her and she needed him.

In memory of Luna
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2179143