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Two women attend a class to learn how to use a new electronic.
Two women walked down a hallway in the local community college. They were attending a series of classes to learn how to use some new electronics they had received over the holidays. Maggie, an elderly woman in her sixties, was excited for the first class. Her daughter, Sandra, wasn’t.

“Do we really need to do this, Mom?” Sandra asked.

“Oh, come on Sandra. It’ll be fun. Besides, the kids signed us up for these classes, so we’re going to take them,” Maggie said.

The younger woman sighed in irritation. Though both of them had received new electronics from family over Christmas, some of it was very new and had only been released in the last year or so. Theirs had been new models released just before the holiday. The original model had been released two years ago. Some of it was easy to figure out but there was so much knew stuff that they’d been encouraged to take classes. It was something neither of them had ever used before , which is when the suggestion of taking classes had come up. Sandra hadn’t really wanted to take the classes but her mother had insisted. Frankly, she’d rather figure stuff out on her own and she told her mother so.

“Oh, that’s just the laptops that are easy,” Maggie said.

They arrived at the room to find that some of their other classmates had already arrived. They found seats and set up their laptops. Others slowly trickled in as the class’s start time drew near. Most of the people in class were middle-aged or older.

“I still can’t believe I let you talk me into this, “Sandra said.
“Really, Sandra, please stop complaining. I know you like figuring things out on your own but sometimes, you really should take the class.

Remember Aunt Evie,” Maggie scolded.

Sandra frowned at her mother. Just because Aunt Evie had an incident with a new pressure cooker that resulted in a destroyed kitchen because she hadn’t bothered to read the directions years before, that didn’t mean that Sandra was that bad.

“That’s not the same thing,” she told her mother as the teacher walked in.
“Alright, class. Welcome to your first class. I see that everyone has their computers ready. Please take out your new personal assistants,” the teacher said.

Each person reached into a bag and brought out the small personal assistants. Each was no bigger than one of the old Furbies that used to be so popular. And each one resembled a small person.

“Alright, class, let’s begin,” the teacher said.
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