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Pretty much a sum of my "relationships"
One boy lied,
I guess his girlfriend was blind.
It was clearly not his first time,
inviting other girls out

One boy tried,
and hanged me out to dry.
when things got hard

One boy tricked
its way into my heart.
But the joke is,
hurting was my fault in his eyes.

One boy climbed
For the first time
Silly me,
Thought this was how to feel alive.

One boy searched
and then he found,
a crazy spot
in pleasure land

One boy fulfilled
a one night stand.
Then came back
To ruin me twice

One boy warned,
How dangerous he was.
But with my blinded heart,
he got to do what ever he felt like.

One boy showed
How good vengeance could feel
If only he knew,
what emptiness hid

One dangerous boy returned
Then back again my heart burst
“You are too cute to resist” he said
And I melted away.

“You are my vice”
He held me tight.
Sleeping cuddled like one.
The dream had come alive.

When the other day came
Dangerous boy said again
“Don’t get attached to me”
And left
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