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This poem narrates what happened when the city was placed under curfew
A City under Curfew

The city burned and the gangs returned,
Shops were plundered and the city rendered
Unsafe for the not-so-bold and the old.

The trouble had its origin in the region
Where people fought and often wrought
Havoc for silly reasons in all seasons.

The reason on this occasion was ration
Denied to one who brandished his gun
Starting a fight causing utmost fright

That grew into a riot upsetting the quiet
Of the city which was truly a pity,
As shooting was ordered because of looting.

Black smoke rose as from burning coke
Spiralling into the sky while firemen did try
To put out the fire from many a burning tyre.

Curfew was imposed and it was supposed
To be the best step to effectively arrest
The carnage and the resultant damage.

Patrol vehicles to control the mob
Criss-crossed the roads with loads
Of men with batons and guns..

The streets were bare as none did dare
To venture out, for if they flout,
They would be caught and mercilessly shot.

For days three, people were not free
To roam the roads alone or in hordes
As curfew in full force ran its course.

The city came alive after days five
When folk came out and moved about
Still nursing a fear for their lives dear.

Raghav R
8 Jan. 2019
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