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Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2179518
The adventures of four best friends Jessie, Tammy, John and Louie continue.
The four friends had not seen each other since their last encounter at Phantom. Jessie had been craving the need to get away and dive into the forrest to disappear from her part time bar work. March was always a busy time of year for the four as they had to go back to university. Each friend desired to be something different and unique. Jessie wanted to be a Primary school teacher, Tammy a vet nurse, John a high school teacher and Louie a paramedic. The four felt like they had been studying their whole lives and if it wasn't for their monthly catch ups life wouldn't be as exciting and fun.

It was decided that the four would meet on the first Sunday of March. Jessie made sure the Honda was okay to drive by getting it serviced and filling up the tank with petrol a few days before the trip. Before they knew it Sunday had come around and the plan to drive into the unknown came to be. There wasn't really a plan of where they were headed but they had heard of a new waterfall close to Phantom called Beauchamp Falls, so the four decided to see if they could find it.

On the morning of the trip Jessie jumped into the Honda Jazz and was off zooming down the highway to pick up Tammy and John. She was so excited to leave the house as she was the eldest of five children, and sometimes it got a little too noisy and chaotic. Once Jessie had reached Tammy's house she knocked on the door and let herself in. Theo Tammy's dog was barking and running around with his squeaky toy and was so excited to see Jessie that he wet himself. Jessie started laughing and so did Tammy who turned the corner just in time to see the episode. John was grabbing his jumper from his room when he heard all the commotion. By the time the three gathered their things and cleaned up it was nearly 11am. The three said goodbye to Theo and headed out to go and pick up Louie. Tammy got the aux cord out and started playing old school tracks, and the three were laughing and screaming the lyrics remembering them from their teen years.

Louie lived 20 minutes away from Tammy and John so it was a quick drive. Once they arrived John went to the front door to greet him while Jessie and Tammy stayed in the car. Still singing the lyrics to the songs the two best friends were trying to look up a map and work out where Beauchamp falls was located. The map said it was a 30 minute drive from Phantom which was what they had hoped for. Louie walked out of the house and Jessie's heart started beating so much faster, she could feel the butterflies in her stomach. Jessie had a bit of crush for Louie but she wondered if he felt the same way. Once the boys made it to the car Tammy turned up the music so high that all four of them cringed and covered their ears. Each friend smiled and greeted each other by yelling through the music. Then Jessie started the engine and all four headed off towards the coastline to the forests.

The drive was smooth sailing which according to John was because his genes are lucky. Although according to Tammy, John bought a Tattslotto ticket once and won $100 and ever since he has cast himself to be pot luck. All four smiled at the thought of buying a ticket, winning and becoming billionaires. Although deep down they knew it wasn't going to happen. The windows were winded down and the wind started to blow their hair just as it always did. As the Honda Jazz entered into the Otway the forrest smell became apparent, for it smelt of beautiful fresh green like the air was reborn. Tammy shut her eyes and took in the smells and so did the boys. Maybe that's why the four loved coming to these parts because there was so many trees producing fresh oxygen and new smells.

It wasn't long before the four took a break from driving in a town known as Lore. There was a chips and gravy joint that the four visited many times and even the owners thought that they were locals because of how often they visited. Jessie and Tammy shared an extra large chips together while John and Louie got their own large chips to themselves. The four sat and ate their food in a boat disguised on a children's playground. It was their ship to take whenever children weren't playing on it. After they ate the four continued their journey on the hunt for the mysterious waterfall.

Continued ..
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