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Pokemon spelling bee
The bully shoved Abra against the school lockers. Abra’s feet dangled two feet off the hallway floor. The bully’s eyes were filled with menace. “Listen, Freak, I can’t stand the sight of you.” The bully pulled Abra away from the lockers and slammed him against them again. The loud metallic rattling brought the attention of the students going by who had not already crowded around to watch. Vileplume was one of them.

Vileplume wanted to help, but he was terrified of drawing attention to himself. At first the community had been more curious of the new arrivals to town. This soon turned to distrust because, Pokémon were just too different from humans. While they appeared to be harmless, one of them would ignite your barbeque with their tail. Such unexpected abilities concerned then scared the people. Fear and hatred were brothers. If fear was there, hatred could appear in a flash.

“Give me your lunch money,” said the bully. His face was a Halloween mask of evil. Abra dug in his waist pack and held it out. The bully took it and said, “Scram, Freak. I see you, you got’ta pay up. So don’t let me see you. Got it.”

Abra nodded as best as he could. He bully let go, and Abra dropped to the floor. Some in the crowd snickered, and made unkind comments as they continued on to their various classes. When he could get close, Vileplume said, “Abra are you okay?”

Abra frowned, “No.” When he saw the concern on Vileplume face, Abra added, “I’m not physically hurt but I’m tired of being bullied. Tonight bring Arcanine to my room. We need to figure out we can fight back.”

After supper, at their trainer’s house, the three Pokémon met in Abra’s room. It contained only a few furnishings: a twin bed, a desk and chair, and a wardrobe. The walls were bare except for a few pages of handwritten lists of words over the desk. Abra sat in his chair. Arcanine and Vileplume sat on the bed. They had been discussing their situation. How could they make friends and stop the bullies? None of their ideas were of much value so far. As Abra went on another rant, Vileplume recognized the pages on the wall. “Is that a spelling list?”

Abra turned to look behind himself, “Yeah, I’m practicing for the Spelling Bee.”

“Well, that’s it then! Meet the Pokémon Phonetic Fighters! The fabulous Spell Master,” he said pointing to Abra. “The amazing Word Wizard,“ he said as he gave Arcanine a friendly shove. “And the truly astounding Syllable Slasher,” Vileplume said as he jumped to his feet with arms akimbo.

The rest of the evening and on through the following days, the Pokémon Phonetic Fighters drilled each other with ever increasingly difficult words. Finally the day of the Spelling Bee arrived. By then the three heroes had even developed super hero costumes for themselves. The audience was amused by the humor the Phonetic Fighters. Seeing the Pokémon in person for a longer period of time, allowed the audience to see, the Pokémon were not as scary as the town gossip had led them to believe.

The contest began. Syllable Slasher, Word Wizard, and Spell Master were stunned. One at a time, each of the other contestants came to the stage front ready to do battle. The first word was Zigzagoon. The contestant misspelled it. The second eager student came forward. The second word was Hitmontop. What was this word? He had never heard it before. He gave it a brave try, but he too misspelled it.

The Pokémon Phonetic Fighters were delighted and playfully punched each other as they realized the words were all Pokémon names. This contest was winnable.

At last three took their turns in rapid succession. Syllable Slasher heard “Your word is Kakuna.” Syllable Slasher knew Kakuna. He was a relative. Easily the Syllable Slasher spelled out the word. “Correct.” Being the first to get his word right, the audience cheered. Syllable Slasher danced back to his chair on the stage.

Next up was Word Wizard. The judge said, “Your word is Vulpix.” The Word Wizard quickly spelled out the name of his fire wielding relative. Again the audience cheered.

Now it was the Spell Master’s turn. “Your word is Alakazam. “ Abra or the Spell Master rapidly and loudly spelled out the name of his psychic family member, on his mother’s side.

The judge rang out, “Correct. The Pokémon Phonetic Fighters are the winners of this year’s spelling bee."

Wait a minute. How could there be 3 winners, thought Abra. He looked over to the judge’s table. All the judges were smiling, and one winked at Abra. The fix was in. The contest rigged. Yet from that day onward the Pokémon had a chance to show everyone that they were friendly and harmless members of their new home town.
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