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Jack tries to deal with his night-time visitors but is in for a surprise
It all started with the tea. Since when does tea erupt upto the ceiling? All Jack remembered was that when he returned to the kitchen, the tea-pot was empty and the ceiling directly above had a giant wet tea stain. Weird. Next came the shredded bedsheets, and the dog’s fur dyed green (he looked like a moving shrub with legs) and the gnawed cables and USBs.
But it was only when he woke up one morning to see his beloved grandmother’s photo with moustache and horns doodled over it, that he decided that enough was enough and something needed to be done.
That night he shut his eyes in bed and stayed awake waiting for footsteps of the miscreant. But he heard no footsteps. Finally when he had almost given up, he heard something scratching against the floor. He heard it come nearer.
He jumped up with a roar and pounced in the direction of the sound. In the dark, his hands held onto a childish figure with giant petal-soft ears. The cushion-soft body squeezed its way out of his tight clasp and giggled away.
He rushed towards the bed-side lamp and put it on. He was alone. Strewn on the floor were what looked like a child’s toys - cut outs of different geometric shapes, polished to a mirror-like silver shine.
What a waste of sleep-he thought! Some child’s night-play.
Suddenly there was a blinding flash of light from outside the window. He winced in pain and shielded his hands over his squinting eyes. He saw a house-sized blue sphere rise from the ground below and disappear into the night sky. From the window, a piece of paper floated in, with the words written on them: “You are being watched”.
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