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Sacrifices and a birth of hope.
CHAPTER 1: The birth of a Light

The man was running through the forest with all his might carrying the woman who bearing a child in her womb could not run anymore. In the dead of that dark night he crossed brooks and rivers with desperation in his eyes always making sure that the pursuers behind them do not get any closer. The woman in his hands had passed out of fever and was growing hotter by the minute. He needed to get her to safety after all she was his love and bearer of his only hope.

"Elise just hold on for a while, I'm going to get us to someplace safe, this will all be over soon", he said to comfort her and moreover to assure himself of it. After running for a while in the same direction he found stilt houses belonging to some small tribe of that jungle. He approached the nearest house and knocked on the door. A man opened the door with a little girl peeping through, probably the man's daughter, to see who the unexpected visitors were. Standing in front of the family was a man with filthy clothes and in his hands was a woman, unconscious. " Please, she needs help" pleaded the young visitor. The man came forward and took the woman off his hands giving the visitor a nod of assurance. The man called his daughter and wife to take the woman inside and tend to her. The visitor, finally relieved of his concerns thanked the man of the house and told him to stay inside and protect his family.

He then closed the door and turned around. Facing him were a total of a hundred soldiers carrying swords, spears, maces and all other kinds of weapons. These soldiers were lead by a knight in full armour riding on a pitch black steed. The knight glared through his helmet at the man descending from the stairs of the stilt house. The knight got off his steed and took off his helmet; looking at the man with anger and an air arrogance started speaking,
" You know, you were always his majesty's favorite son and I, the son who could not be you! All my life I have futilely tried to outshine you but killing you tonight would finally bring an end to my efforts. I have despised you every second of my life and I assure you that killing you now would be that much more pleasing because of that. In the end you were nothing but a let down, to our clan, to our creed and to our father and by his majesty lord Reeden-Von-Druhan's order, I the second prince Keijok will bestow upon you and your wife the punishment of death for betraying the royalty. It has been a real pleasure brother David".

Hearing this the man was neither scared nor flustered, he had a grin on his face instead. "Man Keijok you sure like to talk a lot. If you have come to kill me then just come at me; and I promise that I would cut you and each and everyone of your minions to a point of no recognition", David said. Enraged by this insult Keijok ordered his men to charge at David with all their might. David touched his hand with the ground and called out, "Now Come, Azureal". This was when the ground started shaking and a large chunk of earth started to appear in the distance the vigor of it approaching was strong enough to uproot trees along the way. The soldiers were too perplexed to see something in reality, something they had only heard stories of. As the body approached the soil on it finally cleared to show a sword embedded deep into a large stone. The sword was a light shade of blue, It was David's Sword Azureal which was said to have cut any number of enemies it had ever faced. It was known to be a ruthless sword following its cold blue tint. David pulled the sword out of the stone and pointed it at the hundred men standing before him. The soldiers and David both dashed at each other.

He slashed the first one right in the stomach, a second one was jumping above his stabbed comrade to get to him. To counter this David moved his sword, which was already lodged in the first one's stomach, upwards splitting his torso and skull right into two and finally reaching the second soldier while in air, he cleaved his leg apart. The second soldier fell down mid course writhing in agony. David ended his misery by bashing his skull into mush.
The other soldiers were taken a little aback by this gruesome show. But David did not stop, after the second he killed five then twenty, fifty; taking swords and arrows all head on, killing anyone and everyone and making his way to the back.

He finally reached Keijok who by now was ready to fight David. Keijok tried to clash his sword with David's but just the sheer strength of David's sword was enough to break off Keijok's sword and cut through his wrists. Keijok's sword fell to the ground with his wrists still clenching the handle. Keijok froze of terror, he knew that David was more powerful than him but he had figured that if he could tire David then he could easily overpower him and indeed David was tired after fighting those hundred men but the power difference between him and David was more than he could fathom.

He grabbed Keijok by the neck and said with the same laugh, "You know Keijok, father was at least right in one matter: You don't have the balls to be me". Keijok knelt down and uttered, "Curse you David...Huh..ha ha ha...So I'm going to die here tonight but I pray as my dying wish that you will never succeed in your cause, that child of yours whom you are protecting with your life will grow up to be a worthless piece of shit and that bitch will di.....", "That is more than enough badmouthing that I deserve from you", David said as he slashed his way through Keijok's jaw.

Tears were running down his blood stained cheeks as he lodged his sword into a nearby stone. He started returning to the stilt home limping with one leg the little girl had watched the whole fight through a small hole in the wall, she was terrified of the events that occurred, but she was brave enough to endure the scene and had gained a respect for the victor and his determination to protect his family.

David entered the house but only despair was awaiting him, the mother approached him and delivered to him that his wife could not make it. Upon hearing this David did not show any signs of grief, he had known all along that this would happen and maybe had made peace with it, Elise was not strong enough to bear a child in the first place, besides he did not have the time to cry either, "The Child?" He asked. The girl came forth and handed the child to him. It was a boy with deep blue eyes. Strangely enough the boy did not cry at all, all he did was stare into David's eyes.

David took the boy towards the window and raised him in the light of the moon. His fingers started glowing and with those he traced a V on the boy's back which turned into a mark. At this point the boy started crying again. David raised the boy even higher after which the boy's body started to glow brighter and brighter; "Ivan and Miria will take care of you" David said. The boy soon turned into small orbs of light and flew upwards with the winds the same way fireflies would fly.

*Thump* David dropped to the floor, a dagger and several arrowheads were logged in his body. In his own pool of blood he took his last breath with the words: "be strong, my son".

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