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A woman gets a warning in the form of a phone call from the other side
“Hello, Baker residence, Margret speaking.”

“Hello, Margaret, my dear. It’s Uncle Jack.”

“Uncle Jack? But you died over the summer! “

“Yes. I did but I have a message for you. It’s important that you listen closely and do as I say. There’s going to be a storm tonight. “

“I know. The weather reports said it’s going to be bad.”

“It is. Do you have plenty of supplies?”

“Yeah, we’ve got supplies. We’re prepared for if we lose power. We’ve got the back-up generator ready.”

“That’s good. The generator should kick on automatically if the power goes out. Now, you’ll also need to get into my safe.”

“Why would I need to get into your safe?”

“So you can get the gun. The code for the safe is 15, 22, 10. There’s ammo in the top shelf of the tall dresser in my room.”

“For your gun? Uncle Jack, why would I need your gun?”

“That storm’s coming and bad weather isn’t the only thing coming with it. You have to be ready. My death was no accident. I hope you don’t need the gun but I’d rather you have it just in case. And keep the children upstairs.”

“Uncle Jack, what are you-“

“The gun isn’t the only thing I kept in my safe. Be careful, Margret. “

“Uncle Jack-“

“I have to go, my dear. Stay safe and good luck. Remember what I said.”
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