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This may be my best story ever.
YO YO YO What up everyone? My name is Charlie Schott (if you want you can check out my youtube channel "charlie schott" just an f.y.i some of my liked videos will make you think I'm a little crazy. Also I don't do videos anymore.) and this is my first story ever so please be nice. My story will be about me getting shrunken down in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls. (Don't judge me please)

Chapter one the incident

Once upon a long time ago on a beautiful Spring day in Sierra Vista Arizona I'm inside eating a big bowl of Lucky Charms. Think it's gonna be a normal day? Wrong as heck. As I finished my cereal I heard a noise coming from my bedroom. I decide to investigate but then a big flash of white light flashed in my eyes and I passed out. When I came to I realized I was in the dorm room of a pony that apparently loves the wonderbolts. (seem familiar?) "WHAT THE HOLY WHAT HAPPENED TO ME?!?!?!?" ( I was shrunk down to 6 inches) I asked and to my surprise somepony came in and my jaw dropped down to the floor. In came Rainbow Dash looking quite ecstatic. "Oh man what a day" she says. "that was the greatest pep rally of all time." "I can't wait for the..." She finally noticed me and asked "Who and what are you? How did you get here?" I answered as calmly as I could. "M-my name is Charlie. I come from earth in a place called Sierra Vista Arizona." "Oh really?" she asked, "Yes, and on earth you and the rest of the mane 7 and every other "pony" here are from a show called "My Little Pony" you guys are the Equestria Girls version. Or simply put human versions." "Wow so where your from we don't exist?" she asked "that's right Rainbow Dash." Rainbow Dash is extremely confused as how this happened so she picks me up and puts me in her pocket. I ask her where we are going and she says we are going to meet her friends. She looks for about 5 minutes before Rarity calls to her from the picnic blanket on the school grounds. "Hey Rarity, what's up?" "Oh hello Rainbow Dash darling." " I was just setting up this picnic for us as a celebration from winning "the battle of the bands." "AWESOME!" "Hey Rarity, do you mind if I show you something weird?" "nope." Rainbow Dash pulls me out of her pocket and Rarity almost faints. "Rainbow Dash, what is that thing?" "This THING is a human from Earth by the name of Charlie Schott." "That's right Rainbow." I said "WHAT!?!?!? IT SPEAKS!?!?!?" I cover my ears to make sure Rarity's screaming doesn't give me permanent ear damage. "Yes Rarity I do speak and I need your help." "What do you need my help for darling?" So I explain what happened from this morning to now and Rarity says that she's not sure that I can get back to my world. Then amazingly here comes the rest of the mane 7.

Chapter 2 The Introduction to the rest of the mane 7

"Hi Rarity, hi Rainbow Dash what's up?" Asks Sunset Shimmer "oh nothing much Sunset, just talking to Rarity about something I found in my room just today." Says Rainbow Dash "oh really? What is it?" asks Twighlight Sparkle so Rainbow Dash shows me to the others and they all have a million questions for me so I answer them as best as I can but one question caught me off guard so much it hit me like an RKO from outta nowhere. (wwe reference to Randy Orton)"Who's your favorite pony out of us seven?" asks Fluttershy I start to blush a little but luckily they didn't see. If I had to pick I would have to say......" now my face is the color of a ripe Strawberry and this time everyone notices. "I can't decide you all are amazing and beautiful." "Oh thanks charlie." says Sunset Shimmer and every one just's kisses me non-stop for about half an hour. But unknown to everyone the Dazzlings were listening to the conversation from behind a tree. "I think I know how to finally get rid of these idiots here." Says Adagio "how are we gonna do that?" asks Aria Blaze "we are going to steal that little human they like so much and make it look like it was each of them that stole him." "Huh?" asks Sonata Dusk "basically we frame each of them so they will no longer be friends anymore then we will have all the power we could ever want. "OH" says the other 2.

Chapter 3 The framing

It was night time and everyone was tired from the picnic and by kissing me non-stop. While Rainbow Dash and I slept well the Dazzlings were busy using each of the mane 7's handwriting and using them to sign a note saying "ha ha ha ha I've taken Charlie where you guys will never find him." Then Adagio sneaks into the dorm and amazingly steals me gently from the bed. Then the morning comes and Rainbow Dash screams so loud that each of her friends woke up with one heck of a start. "Ugh Rainbow Dash, what was with that screaming?" asks Pinkie Pie "Charles has been stolen!!" "WHAT!?!??!?!?" "I know, when I woke up he was just gone like that (snap fingers)." Then they each find the notes in each of there lockers. They meet at lunch and are very very Cross with each other. "So you girls know why I called you all here right?" asks Twighlight Sparkle we each have these notes that say one of us did it." "Well it couldn't have been me because he was with me all night before he was taken." says Rainbow Dash "well it simply wasn't me because if you guys remember from when we were ponies and I took a bite out of the MMMM cake (I don't remember the actual name of the cake but I do know that it had four m's in it) I couldn't see anything so I would've woke you up Rainbow." Says Rarity "they keep arguing with each other before there was another note saying that the dazzlings were the one's behind it all. "Of course it would've been those mean old dazzlings." says Fluttershy "yeah those idiots are always trying to break us apart and since we all love Charlie so much they would've thought that if they could convince us that one of us stole him we would no longer be friends." says Sunset meanwhile in the janitors office I struggle with all my might to break free of these ropes but for some reason the dazzlings are really good with knot tying. While I struggle the mane 7 question the dazzlings who were forced to tell them where I was.

Chapter 4 The battle

While on the way to the janitors office they ran into a bunch of students that had full on green eyes not just the color of the eye the eye IN GENERAL was green. They knew they couldn't fight the other students but they knew that between the mane 7 and me was that group of students so Pinkie Pie uses one of her party suprises that she keeps hidden lord-knows where and cleared a path to the janitors office. But the dazzlings got there before them because the students were but a distraction to give the dazzlings time to get to the office before them. While the mane 7 and the dazzlings were fighting, I managed to break free of the ropes and had some kind of red glow around my body. "What's happening to me?' I asked then I realised that the fighting had ceased. That's because the power I had was the power to make people go to sleep. The mane seven were pretty confused but then they opened the door to reveal me with the red glow flying and they were just dumbfounded. "What happened out there?" asked everyone "I'm not sure guys but from what I can see the dazzlings apparently fell asleep. I guess that's another of my newly developed powers. But at least know we know that there will be no pony stealing me anymore right?" "That's right Charlie." said Sunset Shimmer. "But at least I'm still here, alive, and in one piece." I said.

Chapter 5 the final chapter/afterwards

And ever since that day Twighlight took every free period to find a spell that could make me my normal size again. After weeks of looking she finally found the spell and I was finally my own size again. Then a few months later I became a student at Canterlot High School and amazingly I did really well in every subject. Then on the final day of school Sunset Shimmer asked me out on a date. I agreed and we watched a movie about a pony who was taken over by Nightmare Moon. We left the cinemark and she asked me on another date one week from now. I said yes, and after that Sunset and I went deeper and deeper into a romantic relationship. Then a few years later on prom night (we were freshman) I asked her to marry me. And she was so ecstatic that she almost blew the roof off the building. Then they announced the prom king a queen and it was me and Sunset Shimmer. Three years later Sunset was pregnant with 2 kids. The girl was so much like Sunset (hair, body, etc., etc.) that we named her Sunset Jr. Then we named the boy Shinsuke (shins-kay) Schott. I also told her so much about the wwe that she and I became THE biggest wwe fans in the world. (the rest of the mane 7 also like the wwe and they come over to watch every Monday Night Raw, Smackdown Live, NXT, 205 live, NXT UK, and every Pay-Per-View. INCLUDING "the show of shows, WrestleMania.")

This has been my first story on this website so please be nice. I will give 1,000 points for whoever gives me the best story idea. If you guys would be so nice as to give me ideas then please do it. REMEMBER!!!!!!! 1,000 points for whoever I think has the best story idea. Name your idea, your username and since I can only hold up to 5 story's PLEASE give me ideas.
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