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by Sumojo
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200 word library competition

There was love to be found in the library, a love of books, poetry, stories and history.
Sarah had worked in the same small country library, for fifty years and each morning before opening the doors, she would walk around her ‘kingdom’ inspecting the shelves before customers set foot inside.
One day, whilst doing her rounds, she observed something amiss in the classic story and poetry section.
“Who put Jane Austen next to Mr Byron?” She tutted.
The following day, Sarah arrived at work earlier than usual, to double check her beloved system was being followed, finding no other anomalies.
Inspecting the classics section again, she was shocked to find Miss Austin butted up next to Lord Byron once more, he was mad, bad and dangerous to know.
This went on for a week, the work force denied moving the books, and Sarah kept a sharp lookout for any client who couldn’t grasp the Dewey system, but she saw nothing untoward.
After moving the copies apart many times, she decided that Miss Austin was not to be thwarted, and left the lovers to their tryst.

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