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Ghostly Presence & 17 Violins
Prompt: Write a story or poem about a rehearsal in which only SEVENTEEN members of a 150 member orchestra show up, and they are all violin players. They go ahead with the rehearsal anyway -what happens? You must write in the MUSIC genre (and choose it as one of your genres).

This poem is entered in "The Writer's Cramp is 21!.

Strings were ready,
calm and steady
waiting for the maestro, please
Seventeen violins poised alert
to bring an audience to its knees

The snow was quite daunting,
the sound promised to be haunting
Without the orchestra's one fifty number
rehearsing lively, as the others slumber

The sound destined to be classic
with a wink and prayer, it's magic
Leaving solitude behind the weather
Dedication sparkles, coats of leather

The lesson now it seems
Do your best and live your dreams
And when life throws a road block in
Just practice playing with a grin

The night belonged to ones
who rehearsed, as shined the sun
Later united in sound
Never letting each other down

I was there, my friend you see
My trusty piano called to me
My ghostly presence found a way
to play my Sonatina with them that day

And guiding them that night,
I showed them each the sacred light
Seventeen violins, they sang strong
My spirit waves and says,
"So long!"

30 Lines

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