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The members of an orchestra get the chills
When Mr. Harrison arrived at the school, he found only seventeen members of the 150 member orchestra had shown up, all from the violin section.He assured them that it was alright that it was just them. He had some pieces that were just for the violin so they could still rehearse anyway, just them. He gathered them all in the all in the auditorium and once they were all seated, he began.

"The first piece we'll be rehearsing-", Mr. Harrison said before a loud noise from outside the room cut him off.

It was loud enough to cause several members of the section to jump.There was silence before the conductor contiuned.

"As I was saying, this first piece is from an Italien composer named-". He was cut off again by another loud noise.

It sounded like something had fallen or been dropped.Mr. Harrison called out for the custodian, thinking that perhaps the other man hadn't left yet. There was no answer. After another moment of silence, the conductor cleared his throat and continued with his explanation of the piece. He made sure everyone had copies of the piece and were ready to begin. As the music music started up , the auditorium lights dimmed breifly before flaring to full brightness. The section members froze and Mr. Harrison frowned at the lights. Suddenly, one of the bulbs blew, causing everyone to jump for a second time. A few of the members even screamed. A high man's laugh echoed mockingly through the auditorium.

"Alright, everyone, let's reconvene tomorrow," Mr. Harrison said, stiffly and the violinists nodded in agreement.

They gathered their things as fast as they could and hurried out. The laughter followed them all the way out.
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