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Memories of Ireland in December
This is an entry for "Invalid Item. The poem must start with the last line of last month's winning poem, which is "You'll be fine."

You'll be fine lad, tomorrow
or sometime down the road
the lie didn't half leave his lips
before he blinked to the music from the pub

Walking that lonely side street
not looking forward to another dawn
without faith, without love, without hope
after the loss, came the fabrication, you see

Wasn't meant to be deception,
just an effort to comfort and move along
must not hinder progress in this life ~
never one to block the way home from St. Pat's Cathedral

You won't be fine tomorrow
or the next day, or the next year even with a Guiness and story in tow ~
One lonely stroll down a road in Dublin
might hold his heart in a smile someday...

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