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My 1st Dialogue-Only story.
"I'm dead, Cain."

“Oi Damien, you fool! You're talking nonsense again."

"Ahhhh...! It's freezing!"

"Are you still at the ski resort? You're shivering."

"Ah... about that, there was a snowstorm earlier so all activities were halted. What are you doing?"

"I have been at my computer for freaking hours, writing.”

“What have you been writing?”

“You know, I try to be very active in writing contests.”

“You’ve got to go to school early tomorrow.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I just need to finish at least a few words more.”

“You’re such a fanatic.”

“No! It’s a hobby that I've been hooked on lately!”

“Okay, if you say so.”

“Why are you calling by the way? I thought you're having some fun time with your mom.”

“You want me to hang up?”

“Hey, child! You easily get sulky.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Ha ha ha! Where's Aunt Esther?”

“Ah, about that too.... mom’s in the hospital.”

“What?! You're in the hospital now?! What happened to her?! Is she sick??”

“No, no, no... She passed out at the resort, but she's fine now. Don't worry.”

“Oh! So, why did she pass out? Where are you?

“Ah... please tell your mother that mom needs company in St. Gertrude Medical Center. She needs her only sister the most at this time.”

“You’re not answering me, Damien.”

“Cain, don’t forget to tell your mom, okay?”

“Alright, I will. But you’re creeping me out.”

“Ha ha ha! You always sense something that other people can’t”

“Since we were kids, you've been the poor fish.”

“I’m sorry, cousin. You can’t see that idiot anymore.”

“Hey, you sound like you’re going somewhere far.”

“It’s a bit far yeah, but I’ll make sure I’m gonna drop by sometime.”

“Moron. Where are you going?”

“Ah... I’m not sure, but I will be asked to leave soon.”

“I’m gonna hate you, I promise. You call me and tell me like this without saying goodbye in my face?!”

“I’m sorry.”

“You’ll be sorry.”

“Cain... I’m serious. I'm gonna be away for a very long time.”


“Take care of my mom, alright? She’s gonna need you and Aunt Emily. You guys are the only family we’ve got.”

“What the hell, Damien?”

“My mom's in the hospital, man... and I can't take care of her anymore... now she’s all alone.”

“Where have you gone?! You're scaring me, man.”

“You're strong and smart. You’re going to handle this really well.”

“W-wait. There’s no on-going call on my phone... I'm sure I received your call earlier. H-how... how...?”

"Cain... I didn't survive the storm."

“W-what? Y-you...”

"Mom and some staff found me froze to death after the storm. I couldn't make it. A-a-a I tried, but I was trapped. I was so cold."

"W-what?! Y-you sound so close??"

“I’m right here... behind you, man.”
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