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I want to use this as part of our about page. It is 689 words
How We Met
I guess the best place to start; is to tell you how John and I met.
It was the summer of 1960, in Coral Gables Florida. Yes, we are that old. But a romance is still a romance in any era.
I had just left my modeling agency. Of course, I was dressed like a model. I wore an orange sheath dress that showed off my figure well.
I walked past a movie theater. Soon I heard cowboy boots behind me. Later, John told me every time he tried to pass me, he was hit in the face by the palm trees the city had recently planted.
Eventually, I stopped, waiting for a stop light to change. The cowboy boots walked up beside me.
As we stepped off the curb, he casually asked " Did you graduate from Coral Gable High?"
"No." I said, a little frightened.
For the next two blocks, he did most of the talking.
I had to turn and go a different way. So, I said. “I help out at the Coral Gables Youth Center dance. If you would like to see me again. I will be there tonight."
That Night
I was giddy with excitement, at the prospect of seeing this young man again. I decided I needed something nice to wear. Something that might make me appear older.
I searched my mother's closet. I chose a full white skirt with petticoats (yes, we wore petticoats in 1960.) And a black velvet blouse, high heels and perfect make up. It was a great outfit.
.John showed up in his marine uniform. I suspect he wore his uniform to impress me. When I invited him, I had no idea how old he was.
This was a junior high dance. So, of course, the people in charge would not let a marine in.
I came a few minutes later. We sat out on the patio talking, for the next two hours.
Finally, John asked if he could take me home.
I said, "There is something I need to tell you first. I'm fourteen."
"No way your fourteen. You're a %&*# liar. Show me your driver’s license."
Now, my mother raise a real southern lady. I had never been spoken to with 'marine' language. I was almost in tears as I told him "I can't drive. I don't have a license."
After a stunned silence, John said he would still like to take me home.
Now, John had been warned by his marine instructors about "Jail Bait". At fourteen, I more than qualified as ‘jail bait’. He still insisted he wanted to take me home.
My brother, David was supposed to pick me up. When David showed up with his girlfriend, I asked if John could take me home.
With a very quick "Yes" my brother drove off.
So much for big brothers being protective of their little sisters.
What Next
That Friday was John's last day on leave. On Saturday, he was headed back to the marine base at 29 Palms California.
Before John left, he came by my house and we talked for another 2 hours. He told me later, he considered going AWOL. He really wanted to stay and get to know me better.
As for me, John became just another boy I was writing.
We wrote for four years. I still have his letters. He was very romantic back then. He still is.
You'll have to hang around to read the next post for more of our story.
The next segment will be titled DEATH ALL AROUND US.
An Interesting Take Away
I once read in the Reader's Digest about a survey of couples who had been married for more than twenty-five years.
There was only one thing they had in common. On the first date, they talked, and talked. Sometimes until early morning. They just liked talking to each other.
John and I still spend hours talking.
So, for any of you who are looking for the perfect mate. Find someone you enjoy spending hours talking to. The first date is an excellent indicator. It was true for us.
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