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An adventure riding the rails
Riding the rails, oh how tempting.

Clickety-clack, down the track.

I hid in a gunny sack.

I wasn't going to let them spoil my ride.

Riding the rails, collecting the tales;

clickety-clack, farther down the track.

Next town, mystery to me.

Hoping to meet a real hobo, you see.

Riding the rails, they say is dangerous.

Clickety-clack; whose that toward the back?

It is dark in here; mom said it could be dark in there.

But life can be dark, dull; I am out for adventure.

Riding the rails, "look, opened pack of smokes."

Mom said they would make me sick; clickety-clack.

Got to try, got to know; just once; like riding the rails.

(Cough, cough) I should have listened to mom!

Riding the rails, picked up a friend. He goes by the name Joey.

Clickety-clack, clickety-clack; Joey hates the noise.

Hungry now; shared my sandwich with Joey.

He doesn't like liverwurst!

Train brakes are screeching; I am at the end of my trail.

Got to get off, off these rails; What that? Mom just called.

I am glad, I am hungry. Playing hobo is hard work.

Let's go get dinner Joey!

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