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by Jace
Rated: E · Letter/Memo · Experience · #2181462
A frank and earnest talk with myself in 2019.
Dear Me,

I know you’re familiar with the maxim See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil. I’m going to challenge you this year with a WDC version of that maxim—Read No Evil, Write No Evil, Be No Evil.

You heard me, Jace. You been on WDC for more than ten years, and in all that time I believe you’ve had a positive impact on many members, up to and including the StoryMaster and StoryMistress. But you’ve let things slide over the past few years and it’s time to step up your game once more.

Read No Evil:

Literally millions of words are written daily on social and news media outlets that is negative and quite often inaccurate. Everyone has an opinion, often of things about which they know nada. What gets folks into trouble is failing to recognize that his or her opinion is not etched in the stone tablets brought down by Moses. It may not even be fact.

Take a step back and channel your opinions where they can do good—send thoughtful and helpful reviews of WDC members just like you used to do in your early years here. Remember? For more than two years you were consistently in the top 100 reviewers on WDC each month. Your reviews were insightful and positive, challenging the author both technically and grammatically.

Start slowly in February with ten in-depth reviews, adding five additional reviews each month until you reach 30 reviews per month. Maintain that pace for the rest of the year.

Write No Evil:

You’re a slacker, Jace. I suspect if one checks your creation dates, 90% of the stories you’ve written were done so in the first four years of membership. I know deep down you want to write more. I can attest to that by all the story ideas, character bios and title suggestions yoou collect on Post-it notes and scraps of paper.

You’re not getting any younger. Cliché? Yes. Fact? Resounding yes! You are now the Patriarch of the family clan. It’s up to you to record the family stories for posterity. Who knows—your life might even be interesting. Eh…

And what about your username, Jace? Sybaritescribe. Your passion for writing erotica began long before joining WDC. You honed it to a razor’s edge on this site. Even your name speaks to this pleasure.

Again, slowly begin by writing only two stories in February—one, a Life Story of some facet of your life before children; and two, an erotic tale courtesy of one of those Post-its. Continue writing these stories to the tune of two per month AND find appropriate contests in which to enter them.

Then, you will write one very special letter to each of your four children—one per month beginning in March. C’mon, you’ve wanted to do this for years. Don’t neglect your own writing journey.

Be No Evil:

This is your tenth Dear Me letter since becoming a member--one decade of history. Perhaps you fell short in years gone by. You can’t change history; it’s only important what you do now. Throughout these past ten years, your impact on WDC has been felt by many, in the same way so many others have changed and strengthened WDC.

Resolve to be a helpful presence on WDC this year. You’re actually in position to do just that. You’ve been around long enough to know your way around, and where to find any answers that a person might seek. Provide your insights; share your knowledge; help where needed.

Continue, as you once did, to send out supportive C-Notes and Merit Badges to members, and reviews and Awardicons to deserving writers.

Be part of the solution this year, Jace.

Word Count: 620 words
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