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by Logan
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Lay your ley lines carefully and police them well

Circles, borders... bridges
The boundaries we draw
Lines in sand banks, ridges
as tides pull on the shore

Erasing jurisdictions,
our geography allows
With circles come restrictions,
such waves can't disavow

A circle never broken?
A bond left incomplete?
When truths are left unspoken
Left open... obsolete

I guess it might make more sense,
to say the things we mean
Reviewing through a past tense
Reliving things we've seen

Bridges long, scoped, looked across,
yearning of the views
Spaces envied, places lost,
faces traced, chased... mused

Overthought and overspent,
with little left to show
Over wrought and over rent,
with oh so long to go

With bridges burnt, and flames not mine,
from fires that burnt on
Kindled stored, dried over time,
waiting for the one

With Arrows knocked and tensioned, fletched
and aims so misconstrued
Such targets left unmentioned, fledged
… with quarry not pursued

We try to act, we don't care less,
with alibis confessed
We're all just works, lost in progress,
... we hope they see the best

Wishing for a wonderland,
so cautious as we go
The more we try to understand,
the less we seem to know

'midst circles, cracked and broken
… perhaps they always were,
with hidden truths unspoken
Drunken... in the dark conferred

With anyone but who they're for,
such borders have their place
Boundaries we've set long, shored,
fall ignored, lacking grace

With happy ever afters sung,
souls stranded, stuck on shelves
Swinging from the rafters, strung,
a noose... we cut ourselves

Laced barbed wire laden souls,
from wrong sides of the tracks
Such bridges bear such maiden tolls,
down ley lines looking back

Into a heart that's aching, fleet,
shaking 'neath the ice
Cold, and all but breaking, beat
Slow, tightened in a vice

Tensions turning, running through,
some people never learn
No way in if they won't let you
… maybe now's the time to burn?

For now the circles broken,
on this winter day's refrain...
but beneath the ice it's spoken
… and the circle starts again
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