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Valentine's Day is here at last
And Stupid Cupid is doing his best
The human population to increase,
While bringing about world peace.

At midnight on Valentine's Day ,
He borrows Old Saint Nick's sleigh,
Hitches the reindeer in the middle of the night,
And begins his Valentine's Day flight.

His passion puts him into a pother,
As he notches his arrows one after another,
He doesn't bother to aim, so his shots fly free
Usually hitting a bird or a bee.

This always antagonizes the bees and the birds,
Who register the displeasure with stings and turds.
Post Valentine's Day: elves wash Santa's sleigh,
To Cupid Mrs. Claus apply a paste of bee sting treatment clay.

Mrs. Claus' bee sting treatment paste,
Is usually quite interesting to tastes,
It is baking soda, honey, tooth cleaner,
And apple cider vinegar.

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