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An important lesson is to be learned.
The gloomy house was looming down at my car. “Well, this is it!” I exclaimed out loud. The house sat on top of a shallow hill yet somehow it still looked like it towered everything else around it. Surrounding the home lie rolling hills as far as the eye could see. It was a sea of foamy green waves shimmering all around the seemingly out of place eye sore of a building. But I had to grin and bear it because this is where I was to live for the next six months. Finally, I arrived at the depressive home on the range. The wind caused the fortress to creak and howl.
“Finally, you’re here!” an elderly woman called out from the window. I waved back. That was Sheila. She was the woman who hired me to take care of the place prior to its demolition scheduled for 6 months from now. Tugging at my heavy loads, I dragged my luggage up the steep driveway. The rolling hills seemed to tickle the edges of the home, like they were slightly too nervous to touch it.
The wind gently caressed my hair as I hiked up the steep incline. When I got to my destination, Sheila welcomed me with open arms. “Oh, my darling! I am so glad you made it, I’ve got so much to show you!” She directed me inside and helped me with my bags. The main entrance was subtly grand. As if back in the home’s “good old days” it was a real shower. The main hallway was massive with large paintings lining the walls. The golden wallpaper and red trim had faded after many years of wear.
As Sheila lead me up the once grand, now shabby stair case, she told of all the little tales of this special place. How one time this was just a small farm house owned by a hardworking man and his young wife. They never gave up and ended up doing extremely well for themselves. They made themselves a large fortune thus leading to them putting additions onto their home. Turning their shabby, humble cabin into a glamorous palace. As the legend goes, as time went on, Ronald, the husband, started to become weirder and weirder. Nobody knows why his behavior was changing, but it was doing so rapidly. He would believe that someone was after him, was seeing and hearing things that nobody else could, and much more. His wife believed that he was suffering from some sort of ailment of the mind and wrote numerous letters to doctors all over the country looking for any sort of answer. And then, out of nowhere, Ronald just simply vanished. He had walked upstairs to go retrieve a book for a dear friend and never came back down. It was like the home’s walls swallowed him up and digested his existence.
Sheila suddenly stopped at a door at the end of the glamorous hallway and turned to look at me. “This is it! This is where you will be staying.” She announced as she opened the dark, cherry brown polished door. The room was very spacious with a large set of glass sliding doors leading to a balcony in the center. On one side of the room, a beautiful dark red framed bed was pushed along the wall next to a matching nightstand. On the opposite side of the room, a matching dresser, desk, and chair were featured. A matching door stood ajar next to the dresser, leading to a bathroom.
As I set down all my luggage near the bed, Sheila had turned around and walked out, softly closing the door behind her. Breathing deeply, I threw myself onto the massive bed which as I landed, felt like a heavenly cloud reserved for only the best angels in heaven. My body instantly relaxed and any tensions that might have been there have flown away for the time being. And, before I knew it, I was fast asleep.

Chapter 2....To be continued
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