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Fun little tale

Big UFO News

"Hey Trent - have you heard?"

"Heard what?

"The big U.F.O. news!"

Since Willy was always telling me whoppers, I was wary. "What are you talking about?"

"Really - they saw U.F.O.s over at the Williams farm. Just last night about sundown."

"You are so full of it. I don't believe you." I spit down at Willy's feet. "There's no such thing as U.F.O.s. My Dad says that is just a bunch of baloney made up by the government to keep us all scared and worried about tomorrow."

"What say we go out tonight and see? Maybe it'll happen again."

"I don't know. I have to check with my Mom and Dad first."

"Ah - just sneak out - they'll never know." Willy never had to check with his parents, they never cared about his comings and goings. I kind of envied his freedom.

"Well, OK. I'll tell them we're going to the bowling alley."

At sundown, we rode our bikes out to the Williams farm. There was quite a crowd there. Word must've spread. As we wandered over to the barn, we could see lots of large gray blobs all over old man Williams' corn fields. People were pointing and laughing as the blobs ran all over the fields.

"Willy, do these look like U.F.O.s to you?" I sure was puzzled.

"Nope. But I've never seen one before. Come on. Let's go. I stole some money from Mom, we could get a Coke from the corner store." He picked up his bike.

"That's OK, I'll just go on home. See you tomorrow."

In the paper the next day were the headlines:


Unidentified Floundering Ostriches abound in George Williams' fields last two nights

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