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A poem about the struggles many of us have with insomnia. Light-hearted(cricket,v.British)

At my bedside clock I look again
And try to sleep but all in vain.

It’s nearly three . I’m wide awake.
How much longer will it take?

I find my thoughts are once more racing
Another sleepless night I’m facing.

Did those cameras catch me speeding?
Or passing red lights without heeding?

I’m sure I heard a noise downstairs
Oh dear, there might be someone there!

I get out of bed, but hesitate,
Too nervous to investigate!

My head is spinning. I’m feeling ill
Perhaps I need a sleeping pill.

Did I lock the door last night?
Did I shut the window tight?

I switch on the radio, hear the cricket
Oh no ! they’ve lost another wicket!

I pull a pillow around my head
But the duvet slips from off the bed.

What is that I feel upon my knees?
Not bed bugs or a gang of fleas?

I try to get to sleep at last
But now the night has all but past.

Too late, I’m starting to count sheep,
But it’s no use I still can’t sleep.

‘Coz when I get to ninety-two
The sheep all sleep before I do!
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