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A radio host gets an exclusive interview with a holiday spirit
“So, here we are. It’s Valentine’s Day 2019. We have a special guest in the booth with us today, Cupid! So, welcome man. It’s good to have you with us today. ”

“It’s good to be here, Chuck. Thanks for having me.”

“So, you’re the holiday spirit for Valentine’s Day. So people have been debating for years what the holiday’s really supposed to mean. As the holiday’s spirit, what’s your take on it?”

“Well, many people over the years have treated the holiday as the only day where you’re allowed to show your loved ones you love them. This has caused an equal number of people disliking the holiday because that implies you shouldn’t show your loved ones that love the rest of the time. You should very much show them you love them all year long, absolutely. What Valentine’s Day means, to me at least, is it’s a day to show the rest of the world, 'look at us! Look at how much we love each other. See how our loves has endured against all obstacles’. “

“That’s a fantastic look at the holiday. What do you recommend for couples?”

“Each couple is different and unique, which is a good thing. I recommend doing things you both enjoy that you don’t do very often. There’s also doing things your significant other enjoys that maybe is out of your zone.”

“What do you think of some of the things that people usually do today?”

“Some of it is absolutely insane. People shouldn’t be breaking the bank just for a dinner at a restaurant or something sparkly.”

“Do you have any other advice for our listeners?”

“Be yourself, remember to talk to each other and always choose love over hate.”

“Well, that’s all the time we have for today. Remember, the advice that you heard here first, folks. Thanks for your time, Cupid.”

“Thanks again for having me.”
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