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Rated: E · Short Story · Relationship · #2183155
Anyone has its love Story... and this beginning is one of it.
In a school bus, when begins a love story between two young.
Between a young boy who's funny, and a young girl who's attractive to the fun.
Arrives to home, the boy couldn't forget the face of this girl, fortunately, she stays all the day near to him, because there're almost in the same school, the difference between the two schools is a little yard but with a common cafeteria.
The day after, he met her in the cafeteria, to take the initiative and talked to her for getting her whatssapp. The reason why she refused, that she was in relationship with another guy, but she just accepted to give him her Facebook to keep touch with.
He added her and she accepted, here they are, a conversation started, so a story began.
As any conversation between two people, have recently met, their subject is to talk about themselves.
He's cool, crazy and fun-loving, a perfect mind, mature but in the same time, a little baby, cute and deserves to be loved, a good boy by a good family and the same to her. He loved all the details about her and she did also.
After a few days, the boy couldn't support the fact that she's in a relationship with someone else and not him, in the same time, she has no reason to break up with her boyfriend to be with this boy that she likes.
Sometimes, there was some fights about this, other times, he say that he's going to be patient until she decides to break up, but some other times, he just lets her and go away saying that "I 'm a crazy boy that enter to a girl 's life who is already in relationship and I'm just waiting her for nothing". But everytime he said that, he came back after a few hours to talk with her again.
They were always in the same circle, until the day, when she came and told him that she broke up.
Oh, he doesn't know what to do, because of the degree of his happiness in that moment, he just stayed looking at her with love, saying" And now what?"!
Of course he was waiting her to say 'YES, I'm yours', and she really did.
There started a relationship, but it was summer, the school is over, and she's not from the same city; she just study there, so sure, when the school's going to finish, she's going to come back home.
Even if, he supported the fact that she's going to be away from him, but actually, the distance was always a problem for him, in the same time, he could not break up with her after all his patience of waiting.
The summer came; some little fights had come with; distance, and a less care from her.
Anyway, she broke up with him.
After the broke up, she started thinking about what happened to her, is it love?
Or just the feeling of comfort that she was falling in with him was missed?
Or, the fact of broking up, with a guy to be with another, for braking up with the new guy by the end?!

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2183155-A-Beginning-of-love-story