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My take on women. A small ramble.
Somewhere she is calling, waiting just like me.
She needs a man to desire her and set her body free.

Some how she denies the truth, pretending she don't care.
But darling all I want right now, is to hold you in my snare.

The animal inside me is roaring loud and clear.
If you want me, let me know, coz I will be right here.

It's hard to see past a woman's wall.
My heart is numbing, she don't care at all.

Does she want some love ? to fit like hand to glove.
I am waiting, I am calling, for you to send your love.

The man in me is waiting for her to make a choice.
I guess I'm doing something wrong, there's nothing to rejoice.

Remember this, she is no fool, she's met your kind before.
She'll stamp on you and rip your heart and leave you on the floor.

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