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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Supernatural · #2183322
A chance encounter, leads to a new life change.

"Why can't you let me go Lucius?" asks a beautiful dark skin male, as bloody tears rolling down his face.

"Aqua, why do you want to leave?" Lucius asks, sitting upon a dark metal throne with his hands raised in the air.

"I want to start a life on my own. You have all the concubines you need. I can't do this to myself anymore," replies Aqua, falls upon his knees, resting his head on Lucius's lap.

Music reverberates through the halls of the Bulgarian Castle sitting atop a hill.

"Listen to them; children of the night. What music they make," says Lucius, as he stands to his feet, looking down at Aqua. "If you really want to go, go. I won't follow you. I won't support you. You will be on your own, alone and afraid in this world," he continues.

Aqua stands, kisses Lucius on his cheek, gives him a hug, and takes off almost becoming invisible in the process. He storms out of the castle, into the woods, his long curly almond hair bounces up and down around his face, underneath his knit skully. As he runs across a two lane highway he hits a car causing it to slide over into a snow embankment. The car smokes from the hood, as Aqua lays about a soft blanket of white, bleeding.

Inside the car, Simeon, the male driving touches his bloody forehead. "Ah."

Then it sets in, he hit something. He opens the car door, and there lying in the snow is Aqua. He slowly walks over to him, and Aqua shoots up. Inhaling deeply.

"Hey, are you okay?" Simeon asks, in a deep eastern European accent.

"Yeah, I'm good. Ah," replies Aqua, as he stands too his feet unsteadily with the help of Simeon, looking at the car. "Fuck, did I do that?"

"Yeah, but its fine. Let's get you in the car. I know the hurt must be strong," says Simeon, as he opens the backdoor to the 2005 Ford Expedition. He assists Aqua in the process of getting into the car, sliding him in while straddling him. As he closes the door, with Aqua laying across the seat, he rolls his shirt up. He watches the gapping womb slowly closing before his very eyes.

"What the hell are you," he asks, pushing back so violently and quickly, that he lands on the car horn.

Aqua sits up calmly, "Please calm down."

Simeon, frightened scoots upon the passenger seat armrest. He touches Aqua on his stomach, and the womb is completely healed. Aqua places his hand upon Simeon's. Aqua's eyes glow white around the outer rings of his iris. His entire iris turns completely blue.

"Why do I want to kiss you?" asks Simeon.

"Don't do it. My eyes mesmerize when I get hurt," replies Aqua, as he rubs Simeon's hand.

Simeon looks away, "What is mesmerizing?"

"It's how vampires influence humans into doing what we want them to do," replies Aqua.

"You said it," says Simeon.

"What? Vampire? That's what I am," replies Aqua, as his eyes slowly become a deep brown.

"I just didn't think that you would admit it," says Simeon, as he smiles.

"I mean you, did just watch a gaping womb close up on its own," replies Aqua, as he moves over allowing Simeon to sit beside him.

"So what do we do now? The car is clearly shot to hell, and this snow isn't going anywhere," asks Simeon, looking out of window.

Aqua looks at Simeon. There is a concerned look that falls upon his face. Aqua then listens to his thoughts, "Hopefully he doesn't realize that I came out here to kill myself?"

Aqua touches his face as bloody tears well up in his eyes, "Why would you want to kill yourself."

Simeon shocked looks at Aqua, and doesn't say anything for about 5 seconds, "I have nothing left. I have no health insurance, and I just found out that I am HIV positive. When my job found out, they fired me. I am 2 months behind already on my bills. I just want it to be over," replies Simeon with tears in his eyes. "You're crying blood."

"That's how we cry." Aqua says, touching his face. "I can help you, Simeon," continues Aqua, as a bright light come up from behind.

The light becomes brighter and brighter. Suddenly an 18 Wheeler hits the car, splitting it, causing pieces of metal debris to fly over the entire road.

Hours later in a nearby hotel, a reporter explains the scene of the accident:

There was a massive car accident near Jana on an abandoned two lane highway. The driver of the 18 wheeler, although in critical condition, will make it to drive another day. But police are currently looking for the owner of the destroyed 2005 Ford Expedit...

The television turns off. Aqua lays his head on Simeon's bare chest. Taking his hand, he traces the word lights through his chest hair. Simeon's Iris's turn bright blue, as he turns off the light.

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