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Something I made during class a couple months ago
By Kasai Moyasu

The connotation of a dragon usually consists of Angry, Deadly, Fire Breathing, etc. Which is simply not the case. Dragons are compassionate within themselves, but you’ve done something to anger them if they’re hostile. Using lethal force and restraints is how you destroy any sliver of a chance the dragon may befriend you, and how you lose your own life in the process. I can explain how you properly react to a dragon, and that I will do.

First, dragons Will protect their territory. You must approach slowly and submit to their strength. They can claw you, bite you, rip you apart, and more, easily. As a dragon writing this, I personally enjoy if a human offers a sheep or two, and if they do, trust between us grows. I won’t allow them any treasure (Yes, dragons have hoards), however, but I won’t eat them. The awe I've seen on some humans’ faces after I show them compassion is somewhat awe inducing to myself. It seems you humans think we’re nothing more than my previous statement – ANgry, Fire Breathing... anything depicting a monster. Us “monsters” are only territorial.

Next, Most if not all dragons love gold, jewels, and other valuables. The glint of platinum really catches my eye, but often gold tends to be a general favorite. Giving up your most valuable items will often resolve hostility between a human and dragon, though rarely, it might turn hostility into compassion. Offering Valuables and food is a surefire way to improve relations to a point of coexistence near all the time, and Cooperation near half the time. You may be recalcitrant to give up your animals, but I've seen your hordes of sheep and cattle. You humans can give a little.

Last, Dragons are protective of their families. Just like a mother bear protects her cubs, dragons with hatchlings will be very, Very protective. Don’t try anything to lure their offspring away during any circumstances. We will protect at all costs, regardless if we get hurt ourselves, as our hatchlings are the most important living things to us, even before our mates. You humans will rarely if ever be important enough to near a single hatchling, though nearly anything can be achieved with the right dragon and enough bribing (myself included.)

This wraps up my advice to your human species. We have nothing against you due to your race or species, as only when you overstep your boundaries into our territory is when you anger us. Be mindful of where you see pawprints and of where they head. If you have nothing to give, stay away, but if you can and will give up your time, food, and valuables, who knows, you might even secure yourselves a draconic pet. That is, if you can continually supply what earned our trust to begin with.
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