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An old treasure chest hides magic within
In the dark and dusty attic
Of an old sea captain’s house
Stands an ancient treasure chest
Faded and forgotten
Lid tightly shut
Hiding the great magic
That is contained within

Stored within the great chest
The magical means to travel far and wide
To places new and grand
Where knights brave and bold
Ride out to rescue maidens fair
And all those in need
From all who would threaten harm

There it sits and waits
Until quick, young feet
Climb the creaking stairs
Looking for a grand adventure
As they explore the old house
They now call home
And find an old treasure chest alone

In a great room
Lit by bright sunlight
Filtering through many open windows
And curtains dancing in the breeze
The treasure chest now stands
No longer faded and forgotten
But painted brightly anew

Young adventurers lift the lid
To unleash the magic within
And travel off to lands unknown
To travel with the knights brave and bold
As wizards wield magic in epic duels
And giants walk across the land
They are always back in time for dinner
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