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INTRODUCTION - First Officer/Science Officer Beta
Galactic Fleet Historical File:


Mid-level Biography

Rank:                                        Commander
Current Assignment: First Officer/Science Officer, SS Stargazer
Full Name: Ghislaine Vangelos
Date of Birth: April 8, 2063
Place of Birth: Marseille, France
Ancestry: Lineage traced back to 18th century Saint-Barth'elemy
Education: Galactic Fleet Academy, 2081 - 2085
Marital status: Single


Galactic Fleet Career Summary:

2085 - First year academy graduate with the rank of Ensign, 
assigned to Galactic Shuttle Fleet Command Center in Houston, Texas.
2087 - Promoted to Lieutenant and re-assigned to SS Apollo as Engineering Officer.
2092 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and transferred to SS Orion as Weapons
Officer; distinguished by use of 'superior reasoning' counter offensive tactics during
the battle of the Epsilon Eridani Star System in which cloaked Eridani 'warbirds'
initiated a surprise attack on the Orion and Perseus.
2096 - Promoted to Commander and assigned to SS Stargazer as First Officer/Science

Beta was 33 at the time of her promotion to First Officer/Science Officer of the SS Stargazer. Her career and current assignment are reflected in the many awards and accommodations earned during her career with Galactic Fleet, culminating with assignment to the Battlecruiser. Beta was critically injured during her tenure with Shuttle Fleet Command when a refitted shuttle she was piloting lost power and crashed just after liftoff during a test flight. She sustained severe head and limb injuries and was taken directly into surgery. Damage to her brain's frontal lobe and limbic system rendered her incapable of reasoning and emotions. The damaged half was replaced with a beta neutronic labyrinth emulator model A1 with advanced state of the art reasoning circuitry. She was subsequently fitted with bionic arms and legs which has endowed her with incredible strength. Her right eye was removed and replaced with a bionic eye. Although their tenure as Captain and First Officer is relatively new, she is fiercely loyal in her support of Captain Foxwell and the mission of the Stargazer.

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