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by Rei
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #2183936
3rd Chapter of the Legend of Zelda Fan Series: Return of The Prince
The teen sits quietly at his desk as twilight fell over his sleeping form. His face was void of emotion, but that somehow made him seem serene. Soft breathes left his nose as his head leans on his loosely balled hand. It was actually moring for those here, but this prince was known to sleep in during times of stress.

A knock came at his door, but he didn't wake. Saria walks in and smiles lightly, "My Prince? It's time to wake up. You've plans today that need your attention."

The boy breathes sharply in as he opened his red eyes and looked around a bit dazedly. "Thanks, Sari, I'll be in the dining room shortly." He says smiling tiredly at her. She nods and bows before leaving the room.

He stands up and stretches as he gets ready to get dressed. That was a relatively easy task, granted everything has a hint of difficulty when you first wake up in the morning. When exiting his room, the young man stops and looks at the mirror in the corner of the room. He shakes his head to clear his thoughts because he could've sworn he'd seen his eyes turn violet.

As though someone was looking back at him.

It had been a week since the four Links had returned to the castle, and the building was close to how it should, and life was getting better for everything as well. Yes, Vio and his father still didn't talk, but they would spar, and that seemed to get them to be a bit closer.

Red seemed more cheerful now if that was even possible, and Blue had rejoined the knights. Green stuck around Zelda like always, and Vio kept to himself. The purple hero sent most of his time in his room, reading through books and looking for hints on how to get to the dark realm without using a pearl or a mirror.

It wasn't that he was lazy, quite the opposite in fact. Vio knew that moon pearls were rare, and dark mirrors could only be created inside the Dark Realm. In addition to that, there were no known locations for moon pearls or ways to create the objects. So those options were out of the question.

'Of course, there's always that option,' Vio thought to himself, then quickly flicked his cheek. 'That's not worth it, besides it wouldn't work anyway. You're a part of Link and always will be. You can't change that.' He looks up into the mirror, sighing at his reflection. Noticing the red flecks in his eyes, Vio growls slightly at his reflection then turns away from the mirror.

         Standing, the boy stretches and leaves the room with a slight yawn. It was almost dinner time and Vio hadn't eaten anything since lunch time about six hours ago. Combine that with the sparring he and Blue had done a few hours ago, he was feeling starved. He heads down the hall to the dining room and takes his seat next to Red who smiles brightly. "Vio guess what!" The boy says excitedly.

         "What is it?"
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