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by Sumojo
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Short story under 300 words contest entry

211 words

The sound of footsteps behind her sounded louder. Not far now
High heels made a distinctive sound, echoing as she walked into the underpass. The dim overhead light flickered, water dripped from the roof causing puddles to form on the wet concrete.
She could feel her heart thumping painfully in her chest. Nearly there.
Was this how she would die? Strangled in an underpass on a winter’s night?
She could see the headlines, “Killer strikes again”
Fear her companion, whispered, “He’s behind you, run!”
“Stupid girl,” she could almost hear her mother’s voice.
The footsteps were getting louder, faster, closer. Turn around.
Fear was winning, taking over. Run.
The end of the tunnel was in sight, the bus station only seconds away.
Click clack went her heels as they struck the concrete.
Stamp, stamp went the boots of the man behind her, closer still.
She ran, the fear overcoming her. Nearly there, I can make it!
The follower was running too; he was nearly level with her, she can hear his breath.
Cringing now, waiting for the hands around her throat, she ran faster.
Out of the gloom into the brightly lit station.
“Just made it, didn’t we?” A voice behind her said, as they jumped onto the last bus home.

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