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Oh lord this is bad
Mark and Andrew walked to the van (it smelled strongly of coffee and semen). Mark lifted a paralyzed Andrew to peer into the window.

“It’s empty” Andrew telepathically said to Mark.

But Mark had already began to run, he realized that Retnuh was the only one with Tayla and that there was only one possible scenario that could be happening. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him, nothing else mattered in these moments, time froze. ‘Get to the elementary school’ he thought as he sprinted, tears filling his eyes.


The nightguard’s shoes clicked against the soft linoleum. Tayla felt Retnuh’s warm breath on her neck, she felt safe with such a unit guarding her. The clicking grew louder, Retnuh held Tayla tighter scared that she would disappear if he let her go.

“Retnuh I’m scared” she whispered softly. Retnuh had never heard Tayla call him by name, it sounded so much better coming from her mouth then that lanky girlfriend stealing Mark. The guard was centimeters away from the generator when suddenly the door opened.

“Mark?” the nightguard turned around

It was too late, the blackbelt in taekwondo had already spin kicked the ignorant fool. Retnuh released his grip on Tayla, seething anger filled his blood. He was supposed to be the hero of Tayla’s story but somehow this ‘lanky mother fucker’ (his words not mine) had stolen his thunder.

Retnuh stood.

His eyes clouded with an envious glaze.

Mark was asking Tayla if she was okay when the 9’5” behemoth stood up and began to roar. The room shook, Mark threw Tayla to safety.
“GO, RUN I’ll FIGHT HIM OFF” Mark called
Tayla ran out of the building, she knew she wouldn’t be able to reason with Retnuh in this malice filled state.

“It’s just you and me now big boy” Mark shouted
Retnuh responded in a loud roar and proceeded to grab Mark by the legs and throw him against a wall Mark fell unconscious.

Tayla made it to the van, a falling piece of debris had landed on her leg which gave her a limp.
Andrew was in his wheelchair still paralyzed. Tayla fumbled with her keys, she opened the back doors of the van and rolled Andrew in.

“He is a real trooper you know” Andrew telepathied to Tayla

“Who?” she asked


A shadow crept in from the woods, Tayla stared in amazement at the sheer power of this being. Two glowing eyes pierced her mind

“I think I’m zoosexual now” she remarked.


Retnuh violently shoved Marks mouth around his magnum dong, Mark wakes up soon after insertion; it was a whole 6 feet long. He began to grunt loudly amused by the elasticity of his mouth.. “You like that bitch, this is the closest you’ll get to tasting Tayla’s pussy; suck harder!”, Retnah said aggressively. Retnuh took his little slutty bitch and violently tore his pussy into shreds he groaned in pleasure, Mark’s little asshole was so tight that Retnuh nearly squirted. He kept going deeper and deeper until Mark yelled his name “RETNUH, AHHHGHHHHhhh”, his first instinct was to scream but he was enjoying the feeling of domination that Retnuh’s monster cock forced upon him. “IM GONNA CUM” Mark squealed, Retnuh thrusted harder and harder with every shout Mark let out. What would Tayla think, Mark had tried so hard to capture her heart when he truly got the most pleasure from being assfucked by a giant alphamale.

(Quick Authors note: I’m not gay guys I swear, Buzzfeed says I’m straight please don’t cyberbully me. NO HOMO WIGGA)

Mark had been defeated by the monster of a man that had just fucked him in the ass and made him scream. Retnuh had torn Mark’s ass to shreds with one fell swoop (or thrust I guess)
All these years he spent chasing love were all lies, he was really in love with this husky unit of a man. The attraction he felt for Wyatt was a lie and he was really in love with his delicious beard, it didn’t matter anyway he had found true love and his name was Retnuh.


The creature left the woods slowly, a loud sloshing sound coming from its fluids

Andrew telepathied Tayla “It’s him, our saviour from this shitty fanfiction”...

(Chapter 9 hangs itself in shame for its sins)
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