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A paranormal event with no evidence..
It was a regular day for Dean as he was driving back his company bus to the terminal. He works as a driver in this transport company. It was his routine to drive from early morning till night and drove back to his terminal. He was on his way that day too as usual. Since, it already gets late at night when he drive back usually, so mostly he is alone on his way back to the terminal daily.

This day, he was alone too in the bus while driving back to the terminal, Terminal was about 10 minutes distance away when he look up and on the mirror he noticed someone sitting two seats back from him, he can't make out his face neither the body as he was covering all in gray clothing and it looks the way he sat that he is looking down continuously. Dean knew that the bus is supposed to be completely empty by now, he looked back immediately but to his surprise there was no one in there. He felt quite overwhelming at the situation.

"Maybe it's because I am too tired today", Dean thought. He didn't dare to look back again at the mirror that day. He reached the terminal, locked the bus and reached home.

Next day he was again on his duty, Driving all the day and then returning the terminal after dropping the last passenger. He was was not feeling that much tired today as compared to yesterday. He was driving really fast.

All of a sudden his eyes caught something on the mirror again... It was the same man all covered in gray, looking down maybe, as Dean could not figure his face out and what special today?
He wasn't 2 seats away from him, but just at the distance of one seat. Dean got scared seriously. He slowed down the bus and looked back. There was no one. He again speed up his bus and reach the terminal. He didn't informed anyone of the incident, in fact he was really worried.

Again, Next day He was driving back to his terminal late night. He looked the mirror intentionally and he literally just got freeze by looking up in the mirror. The man covered all in gray was just at his back seat. Dean's heart was thumping so hard, he was scared for life at this moment. He can't even drive properly. Somehow he reached safely to the terminal. And went home fast. On reaching home he realized he got fever and fell ill. He took the day off from the job to stay home the next day.

Next morning when he was preparing the to get to his job, he received a call from his Transport company friend.

"Hey Dean? DF-8863 that's your bus. Right?",

Asked the friend. "Yes, why?",

Dean inquired. "Yesterday, another driver was sent to drive your bus as you were on a day off.", said friend.

"Maybe, Then?", Asked Dean.

"He is murdered.", Answered the friend.

Dean got chills down his spine, he knew who's behind that murder.

"He has been attacked with some thing sharp on his neck and there are the marks of scratches on all his back".

No one was ever able to solve the mystery behind it. Who was that man in gray clothing, why he murdered the driver. But one thing is well known, it was an evil spirit.

The bus was abandoned from that day till now, and stills awaits for the new driver, in some separate corner of the terminal.

594 words
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