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Breakthrough and see what happens
}You won't get it until you truly want it.

Sometimes life gets so unfair and unpredictable and it's normal. No matter how hard we try, it wouldn't get amazing or won't go the way we want.
So we try something that's temporary? Let's face it, is there anything that's permanent?
The simple answer is no it isn't.
Then why our hurt, our guilt or shame of thinking we can't do it or we can't live our dream because people will hate us or make nasty comments or call us with some inappropriate names_ stop and think_ why? If everything is temporary then why do we think it's a big deal and we'll lose whatever we have intending to protect what we never had once?

Why can't we just breakthrough and live our lives instead of just thinking and never taking our step because of the fear of breaking or falling down.
Trust me; if you breakthrough now, you'll celebrate it later in your future.
Don't waste your whole life in making people happy for no good because at the end of the day they won't be happy because there happiness would be temporary soon.
-Choose to see better in whatever life throws at you.

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