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by K.HBey
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Harry James the elite of the numeric has innovated a particular device.He is threatened.
Such Friday the 21st of February, Clara is with her mother. Such beautiful blond girl with freckles around her cheeks and nose, is very smart. She looks like her father a lot. Her mother Mrs Caroline White such beautiful brown woman, is a brilliant physician. She has discovered the main biological process of the touch sense and the corporal temperature.
Breaking news on Hawaii TV brings some important information. In fact the plane where Mister Harry James was traveling had a crash yesterday unfortunately . Clara starts to cry and her hot tears flood her innocent face. Her mother becomes just mute and could not react. She looses consciousness. Clara is completely choked and does not know what to do. But she is a clever girl. She calls then her aunt Beatrice.

When being relieved Caroline calls the police. Her friend Bob is close to her husband and knows all his secrets. Quickly he understands that the crash was criminal. Bob is in fact an ancient friend to James family. He is the boss of the research center. Because of him Caroline and Harry met each other for the first time and got married.

Finding themselves in such Island after the criminal plane crash, the surviving crew decide to make a ship in order to sail towards such ocean where they could save themselves from the volcano. They spend ninety two days on the Island. They keep a great quantity of wood from the palm trees in order to make the ship. It is too harsh for them to do so because they lack many tools. Harry James gets his first left finger cut. When they finish the ship all the crew is happy and regain hope.

They leave sailing early at dawn. The more they sail the more they find themselves losing the gravity. When reaching a certain area, all their devices are stopped.They could not resist to such surrounding magnetism. They do not understand what does happen exactly.In a wink the ship is submerged by an immense whirlwind and disappears.

Inside the plane there were important personalities who were in fact targeted especially Mister Harry James the numeric elite.
Indeed he has innovated recently an important phone which will compete all phone companies around the world. Because of this, Harry James has caught many enemies. Such innovation was just an utopia some years ago.
Indeed the phone is a real gem. It constitutes the most important innovation of the 21st century.

It has got many new applications. A finger touch and body temperature are translated by different mechanisms into different magnetic waves. These latter are transcribed into numeric codes.

The phone possesses many new applications based on such new concept. These applications lead to multifunctional digital touches. There are many basic medical devices like the one for assessing both the blood pressure and cardiac rhythm, an electrocardiogram, a scan, a magnetic resonance imagery device, the fundus device, ultrasonographer, audiometer and an auto-scope. As there is a digital application which leads to a virtual laboratory. Such latter can make cells rate and notices abnormalities towards a skin surface. All devices contain interpretations and many direct links between physicians.
The phone contains a unique application too. The application allows persons to read their hidden thoughts.
Such last application is a real telepathy practice.That is to say that this innovation will completely revolutionize all the other phones trade marks.

The other persons of the crew are a group with whom he would travel to Japan. Andy Hermit belongs to Carl phone company. He is a spy but Harry James is not aware. However mister Harry James is someone very mistrustful and has never revealed his innovation and keeps it secret.

Harry James is aware that such area is full of magnetism and believes that they are in the third dimension of the earth. Harry knows very well such strengths power.He thinks that they result from volcano which emerges from the abyss of the ocean.
The crew become unconscious. Nevertheless the more they approach the abyss of the ocean paradoxically they get more oxygen . When being at a certain depth,the area becomes like a bubble within water. Inside it there are more oxygen, light and no water. The crew regain consciousness. They do not understand what does happen to them and they think that they were just sleeping. In such bubble light rays allow their corps a self recycled metabolism. It means they do not need to eat. They remain isolated in the abyss of the ocean and think that they become its possessions.

Under water mister Harry James has never ceased to think about his both wife and daughter who is five. He remembers when one day Clara asked her father: "what are you thinking about dad?" "About which kind of present you will offer me at my anniversary?" Such day mister Harry James has realized that human beings possess the ability to guess the other thoughts. Such intuition that Clara possesses like all other people ; could be translated by both biological and numeric processes. This has constituted the starter of his researches too.
Within such aquatic middle, his beautiful and smart wife Caroline 's picture is set here and seen from each angle of the bubble in such ocean. This is a real obsession for him. She is directly involved in these researches. Indeed she has brought such biological side of the researches. Because of this he was able to transform biological information into numeric ones.

The different strengths inside the ocean create many waves and from time to time the bubble seems to be torn. The crew are depressed and lose hope in being outside ocean again. For them the bubble is their ocean tomb .

Mister Harry brought with him a miniaturized phone. It looks like a ring. No one could imagine that his ring is a phone. Mister Harry has found the phone discharged. However he incorporates in it a second battery which could function with light rays. After recharging the battery with the light bubble rays the phone becomes functional. Harry makes a first call to his daughter. But it is interrupted quickly.
The bubble is in fact a gigantic Medusa. It becomes narrowed . Harry loses full hope.

At home Clara receives a brief call. Her mother decides to call the police. After a long police research they succeed to localize the call. It emanates from the east center of Indian ocean.The exact geographic landmarks are known with great precision.

There in the abyss of the Indian ocean the crew lives are threatened. Indeed the Medusa is divided into two other immense Medusa and the crew is separated.
They remain prisoners of the ocean.

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