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At long last, spring is around the corner, hidden by a colossal snowbank.
Spring Is Sprung
(sung to the tune My Favourite Things from 'The Sound of Music')
         Splashing in puddles and no more damp mittens.
         An end to slip slides and bone-jarring leg splittin's.
         Brown oozing mud that splatters and clings.
         These are a few of my favourite spring things.
         Teeth-rattlin' potholes that cause drivers to cringe.
         Cantankerous craters make lug bolts unhinge.
         Salt, sand, snirt onto winter banks flings.
         These are a few of my favourite Spring things.
         Shivering robins puff out scrawny red breasts.
         Dream of fat worms entombed in frozen ground chests.
         Geese and ducks paddle in bare-lake patch off'rings.
         These are a few of my favourite Spring things.
         When the wind wails, when the clouds clap,
         When I'm drippin' wet,
         I think to myself, buy an umbrella ol' chap.
         At least, it's not snowing yet.
         Sploshing in cold puddles and squelching dark muck
         from the insistent quicksand my boot I pluck.
         Where's green grass, tree buds, and flower awakenings?
         These are a few of my favourite Spring things.
         When the sky gleams, when the sun shines,
         when the breeze blesses,
         I shuck of all of my wint'ry confines.
         Gone the grey days which depresses.
         (apologies to the original eminent composer, this is but a poor parody)
(24 lines)

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