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by JLB
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When you face harsh reality, just try this way! Enjoy!
When I scolded by my boss who is grumpy, I often lose my calm.

Then I have no idea what to do next in middle of work time.

I just fumbled paper or tried to type some meaningless words by keyboard.

Eventually, when I return home, I told my mother about cruel boss's behavior and more and more, my feeling

gets worse.

However, I find nice solution.

To prevent spreading of bad feeling and recover, I decided to write my messy feelings.

That statements need not complete or pinpoint.

Just express facts and your feeling about the facts.

Today, I was scolded by my boss about unreasonable reason.

After that, I opened notepad of my personal computer and write down facts and my feelings about what happened then.

This method is popular in self-help book but most of us tend to forget to do so when it needed.

By doing this, however my dark mind in the time became little more refreshed and clear.

Therefore, I do would like you to try this way to avoid just wondering whether I could be return calm again.

I wish your success!
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