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Hope is what keeps us going. Without it we die.
Jacob stood with his shoulders slumped and the toes of his shoes hanging over the edge of Rock Canyon Cliff. He bit his lip when he heard footsteps coming up fast behind him.

He screamed, “Don’t come any closer or I’ll jump!”

Roger slid to a stop, his body frozen in an uncomfortable stance, “What do you think you’re doing?

Jacob wilted when he heard the anxious tone of Roger’s voice,”You aren’t supposed to be here Roger.”

“Well, neither are you, we were supposed to meet to play basketball, but when you didn’t show I went to your house and found the back door unlocked, so I went up to your room and found the note you left. So, “What’s your hurry to check out of this world?

Jacob cringed, because he knew Roger really didn’t have a clue.

“Spit it out Jacob, What are you not telling me?”

Jacob turned, facing Roger, tears filled his eyes, before he could say anything Roger lunged to grab him and missed, falling over the edge of the cliff, but Jacob quickly grabbed Roger’s arm, holding on to him with all his might. Roger was struggling to find something to grab, but all he could cling to was Jacob’s arm.

Rogers eyes were wide with fear and his face as white as a ghost, He whispered, “Don’t let go!”

Jacob said, “I got you.” Pulling him back up. Roger bear hugged Jacob so tight he could barely speak, but when Jacob spoke, he said, “I love you.”

Roger was silent for what seemed like an eternity, then he said, “I’m sixty forty.”

Jacob said, “Uh, What?”

Roger stroked Jacob’s sun streaked hair and repeated, “I’m 60% for and 40% undecided if I love you.”

Jacob smiled, thinking I never can get a straight answer out of this guy, but at least it wasn’t a no and he could live with that. He wondered what it would be like to kiss Roger, but for now, settled for Roger’s arms being wrapped around him.
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