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Rated: E · Fiction · Horror/Scary · #2186829
a gentleman finds himself in a chair ( in progress)
Prompt: a man wakes up strapped into an electric chair.

Johnathan opened his eyes. His sight was painful due to a bright light he was in, so he squinted.
“Where the hell am I?” he questioned.
There was no answer given to his question, just the sot light and an incredible silence that filled the place he was in.
Johnatan could not move has arms, hands, feet, legs or head. Basically he was totally immobilized in the chair he was sitting in.
“hello?” he called out, and again got no answer what so ever,” what the hell is going on here?”
Silence took over again and is was a total silence, he could hear nothing.
Suddenly the lights dimmed a bit, and Johnathan could see he was in a room, with rather large windows in it. There were people watching him, but no one would say anything, nor do anything to help him.
“Please hellp me!” he called out, not sure whether the people on the otherside of the wall heard him or not,” please don't do this.”
Suddenly the silence of the room was broken, as an intercom system activated.
“Mr. Jackson,” the voice said,” You know why you are here. And what you did to get you here.”
“No,” he began to beg,” I dont know, nor did I do anything to deserve this.”
“Of course you did, Mr. Jackson,” the voice said,” And how could you not know why you are here.”
Johnathan couldn't move his head, oonly his eyes. He looked down and saw that his hands were strapped down to a wooden chair with a metal plate under his wrists with wires attached to the outside of the chair.
“Is this an electric chair?”
The silence set on once again for a few seconds, before the intercom was activated once again.
“Yes,” the voice answered.
Johnathan turned his eyes to the left of the window in front of him, there was a small room with a metal grate over the window. There were some lightbulbs in the room that weren't light,but he could see someone in that small room sitting there watching all his. The person in there looked like a police officer, and therewas what looked like a heavy metal knife blade switch on the wall behind him.
“Hey,” he said calling out to try to appeal to the man in the small room to help him,” You have to helpl me out of here, I don't deserve this. This isn't right!”
The man never moved or even flinched in response to his plea.
“Hey! I am talking to you!” he called out again, and just as before his pleas fell on deaf ears.
There was a clock above the window infront of him. The time on the face said 4:45, but he didn't know whether it was am or pm. The ticking of the clock filled the room with its erie sound, it rang with a finality that filled anyone who heard it with a certain fear as it signified the end of life for anybody in this chair, nick named 'Old Sparky'.
Suddenly there was a cough that was heard in the room.
“Hey, whose there?” johnathan called out.
“Its just me,” a man came into johnathans view.
He was a well dressed old man in a black suit with a black shirt and a white tie. He walked over to Johnathan, stopping right in front of johnathin, and in front of the window wth all the people in the other room watching everything that is going on.
“Who are you?”
“Oh, You know me johnathan. I certainly know you.”
This tiny little man standing in front of him laughed a bit.
“No,” Johnathan catagorically denied knowing this little imp of a man,” I dont know you, and not sure I want to know you, unless you can get me out of here right now.”
The old man started pacing back and forth infront of Johnathan, never leaving his sight, a big smile on his face, as if he knows something that johnathan doesn't.
“of course I can,” he said in a creepy tone of voice,”But do you really want me to. Can you pay me the price I require to do that?”
“Price?” Johnathan started getting upset,” im strapped into an electric chair, they are gonna fry me for something I didn't do, and you are talking price? Are you freaking kidding me?”
“Oh I never kid about this stuff Johnathan,” the old man said as he produceda small scroll from his suit pocket and undid the ribbon holding it shut,” However, if you sign this piece of paper,I'll release you and make this little incident seem like it never happened.”
“What little incident? I have done nothing,” johnathan demanded strongly.
“Johnathan,” the little man said as he looked at the clock, then to the little room near him,” You dont have much time. Just do it.”
“Roll on one!” the voice came over the loudspeaker.
The lights in the small room light up while all the other lights throughout both rooms he could see, got very very dimm.
Johnathan sat there silent, as if his silence really meant anything at all.
“Johnathan,” the little man said once again watching the little room and the man in there who had his hand on the knife switch on the wall behind him,” You are out of time.”
Johnathan still sat quiet, breathing deeply and thinking about his choices.
“Roll on tw...” the voice said again.
“Ok,” johnathan called out interuppting the man on the intercom ,” I'll do it.”
suddenly everything in the room froze as if it was stuck inbetween seconds.
The old man chuckled in a creepy little laugh of his, as he produced a pen for Johnathan. He also lowered the parchment to his writing hand and Johnathan, having no other choice wrote his name on the ppiece of paper.
Once he was done, the old man rolled it back up and tied the ribbon, laughing the whole time, then walked out of his sight and disappeared.
Suddenly Johnathan opened his eyes, and found himself not in the electric chair but the bed in his apartment. He was very confused as to why he was there. The only thing he heard was the old man's laugh echoeing throughout his apartment then vanishing just as quickly as it came.
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