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This is an entry for Megan's April Prince Challenge in 2019
This poem is entered in "Prince Challenge Writing Contest 2020.

This is the prompt I selected:

2. Write a poem or story using titles of Prince's songs. Use at least 5 Prince song titles. Story should be at least 500 words and poems, no longer then 25 lines. The 5 song titles are bolded and listed at the end of the poem.

Cold Piano Keys

Some time had passed unnoticed
long enough to grieve
City of Charm beckoned with a guitar pick
with a sad reprise to Baltimore

Reminded of the cold piano keys in Paisley Park,
Sometimes It Snows in April
leaving us stranded on Pratt Street
memories of walking aimlessly, crying in the Purple Rain

Saxophone sounds echo through the Inner Harbor
twinkling lights from Camden Yards
Take solace When Doves Cry on the water
Fly to Minnesota, come Spring

Pay our respects as seasons resonate
Under the Cherry Moon of blossoms
gladly trapped in a happier time
when the music didn't signify a loss

Feel us lift his spirit to the sky,
with lingering half-notes in the distance
calling us in 3/4 time
to ride our childhood bikes home

in the Tuesday afternoon drizzle of yesterday's
music in a boom box balanced on a youthful shoulder once again

22 Lines

Here are the song titles I used:

Sometimes It Snows in April
Purple Rain
When Doves Cry
Under The Cherry Moon
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