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poems for April 8th to April 10 including first attempts at butterfly cinquain
April 8 Lucky Numbers Blues
Writer’s digest prompt – write a poem about lucky numbers

There are many gambler's fallacies
the statisticians say
each roll of the roulette table
is an independent event

Yet the gamblers believe
that if for example

there were ten red numbers
in a row
that the next one should be black

A statistician in the U,K.
decided to prove
that the gamblers
were all delusional

in insisting that there were patterns
in the endless spin of the wheel
and that it was more of a curve
that the noise of random numbers

after thousands of spins
recorded on a computer
the pattern was clear

there was a bell shape curve
with an upswing
and a downswing to the data

an early experiment
in chaos theory
but with a practical application

if you are on a winning curve
keep going until the curve
turns into a losing curve
then walk away

and you might be a winner
according to science
but they have yet
to be able to prove/disprove

that lucky numbers exist
for you and me
mine was always 32
and when it pops

I swore that my lucky number
came up
just a fluke
according to science

another iron clad rule
the regression to the mean
the curve may go up
and may go down

but in the end
it regresses to the mean
and that means
the house always win

April 9 Love Cinquain

My Love
Haunting my dreams
Nightly talking to me
Then walked out of the dreams into
my Life

April 10 Nightmare Cinquain

Endless fears all night long
Can’t escape running from these dreams
All night

April 10th Nightmares

Endless fears all night long
Huge Monsters chasing me
Hideous Creatures from Hell Itself
Fiendish Hell hounds escaped Banishes
screaming bloody murder
they chase me all the way
I die

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