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The Pink, Fluffy Unicorn mom ponders about her child and the Easter Bunny.
Waiting for Sleep

I can think better when I type.
The words stand out
They ring truer, I believe
When I peck them out
Ever so carefully with my tender hooves
I wouldn't want to ruin my fresh hotpink polish

The foal is inquisitive ❓❓❓
Aren't they all?
"Why? Where? How come?"
"Why does that Easter Bunny bring me things?"
"Will it be more beautiful flowers?" 🌺
"Shiny red apples?" 🍎
"Will there be chocolate?" 🍫

As I spy the basket at my rear hooves
I ponder how much longer I will get to sneak into her stall
Trying to suppress my whinny as she sleeps
She'll stir slightly as I place the basket
Yes, with some chocolate, 🍫
As close as I dare
Not wanting to take from her
These lasting memories of the Easter Bunny
And rainbows. 🌈

Maybe she will read my words
While she waits for her young one to dose off
So she can deliver her child's sweet surprise.

Lines: 25

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