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A Memory of my Grandmother, Mary Florence Newland
April showers
are supposed to bring May flowers,
but Grandma Mary didn't need April rains
to grow moonflowers,
or any type
of blooming plant.

Grandma had a green thumb,
she could grow any type of plant
in any type of soil
without any problems.

The neighbors
dug up their entire yard,
hauled the old dirt away,
and brought in new dirt
before landscaping their yard.

Grandma never
went to all that expense
or trouble.

showed Grandpa
where she wanted her trees,
he dug the holes,
put the trees in the ground,
and after that
Grandma took care of the plant.

She would water her
trees and flowers,
talk to them,
and give them whatever
fertilizer she thought they needed.

Grandma's flowers grew
and flourished.

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