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Stormy Forecast On a Sunday in April
Dance With the Storm

April morning had dawned
dire warning ahead
Horizon of peril
Fear awakened, then dread

Can't run from the forecast,
still there every day
endeavor to cope with
storms life throws our way

Asking with prayer
for help to know best
how to comfort our loved ones
Faith answers each test

I see so clearly
what eluded me some
What is important in the long run
over jolly twisting, temporary fun

She survived life's tragedies,
still trying to try
a true profile in courage
working too hard to cry

You wouldn't even consider,
enslaved to your greed
Your choices betray you
magnifying your need

A word of forgiveness
Not quite there yet
but waltzing toward something
not laced with regret...

You demean your own cause,
but you know it not
Arrogant, condescending and bloated despot
frankly, you don't "get it" or do much a lot

The clouds are all forming,
and waiting for the dance
Weather prognostication ~
It's all up to chance

So help me to know, God,
how best to proceed
guidance much appreciated
by this humble hooved servant in need

40 Lines

Not written for any contest - just me writing and expressing myself.

How is that for something different?

I am pretty darned happy with this, as it works out.

Boy, was I right.

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