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The superstition could be the cultural belief which has developed our local community
With very little population the Haa valley of Bhutan gives a perfect country side feeling. The Haa river flows through the middle of the town. The population grows both side the river in perfect contrast from the other side of the river. One side comprising of little township with Bus Stand, Restaurants, Liquor shop, Meat shop, Bank, Hotels etc. On the other side of the river valley consists of rural villages with traditional Bhutanese house made of mud and wood. Ploughing field, cattle ground is very common to this part. You can see some of local vegetables, apple and peach orchard etc. on each side of muddy alley ways in this part. There is a school on this side of the river. Boys and girl’s student dressed in traditional Gho and Kira get you back to your childhood feelings.
The daily life of people was very simple. The produce their daily foods, built their houses, collect fire woods from forest and live a simple old country life. The life cycle started from the early morning and ends at the night. Bhutan has electricity at almost every house in every part with indigenous pollution free Hydro power projects throughout the country. So, the rural people have plenty of time to enjoy their life in the night.
Like other places in the world Bhutanese has their believes and rituals. They belief every valley of the Bhutan is protected by a local deity of that place. That deity is worshiped at lakhangs/goempas of that particular region. They believe that Guru Padmasamvaba, the incarnation of Lord Buddha saved them from local demons and turned demon in to the local Deity. They also painted phallus on the side of entrance of their main entrance of their house to keep away the evils and protect their family.
Almost all tribal community around the world has such type of believes. I think this type of believe develops in the idle minds of the people of rural community, who have plenty of time left after all the daily work. Sometime these thoughts become so profound that a completely new culture is born. But people from big urban cities think about materialistic gains in their idle mind and recognized their old believes as superstitions. But I believe that, such type of old believes are essentially required for the betterment of the community. Such believes enforce the whole community to engage every one in some kind of rituals, which is very much required for the bindings of that community and natural respect of each other. After all, we all are social animal and belong to a particular community. Values creates the good human not the money.
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