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You are shrunk and trapped in the House with your mother in-law. What could go wrong?
         It was a Saturday morning. All of Maddie’s family was leaving except for her Mom, Mary. I needed to go get a change of clothes from Maddie’s room so I decided to drive over there. I parked where I normally do and walked into the garage. Then a beam hit me, and I awoke with a headache and EVERYTHING WAS HUGE! I looked around to see where I was, and I couldn’t believe it, I was in the garage. I started walking towards the door because I needed help. Mary was the only one home, and I needed that help. I just had to be careful of the dogs. If they saw me, I’d be a meal. I couldn’t get through the door, I needed to wait until Mary opened the door. After what felt like forever, I heard the door open. Mary was looking for something, I needed to just get inside the house. I ran inside and the door shut right behind me. You looked up at Mary. She wasn’t super tall, 5’3, she had blonde hair, a bit of a wrinkly face being that she was about 50 some years old, and she didn’t have much figure, except for a good ass for her age.
          She was wearing sweatpants (a usual outfit when she is home) and walked past me to the living room. I still needed to watch out for the dogs. Only one dog scared you. This was because she would go out of her way to make sure I was her chew toy, her name was Mindy. The other dog was more of a gentle giant. The only thing about her that scared you was she might accidentally lick me and swallow me whole, her name was Nada. Either way, becoming dog shit wasn’t on my agenda.
I made my way to the living room and scoped out the area. Mary was watching TV and munching on a snack. I didn’t see Mindy, but laying at the feet of Mary was Nada. She was sleeping, but if I woke her up, I’d probably not last very long. I slowly made my way across the living room. Nada was breathing and I could see her body go up and down with each breath. Nada was a long haired, big black dog. As I was making my way around the back of her, I heard the ring of Mindys collar. She was coming into the living room. With seconds to act, I ran behind Nada’s butt. Getting behind her tail I watched as Mindy came into the living room and layed down. I sniffed the air only to confirm one thing, being behind her tail as Nada layed down, I turned to be looking at Nada’s butthole. It was giant, smelled, and looked like the last place I ever wanted to be.
         I made my way to Mary’s sweatpants. By the time I climbed up Mary’s pants, I came to realize she had fallen asleep. I walked across her thigh and to the brim of her sweatpants. From there I had to walk on her bare belly to try getting up to her ear. She needed to help me. As I got onto her belly, I could hear gurgling noises below my feet. I stopped to think as I saw her popcorn she had been munching on. It was 2 times bigger than me. What if Mary accidentally ate me. I wouldn’t stand a chance against her digestive system. Just then, Mary shifted her weight. This caused me to grab whatever I could. I was barely hanging on to the inner brim of Mary’s pants. As attractive as Maddie’s Mom was, at this height everything on Mary wouldn’t have been ideal to see. Especially what’s inside of her pants. She shifted again and this made me fall farther. I landed in the bottom of the pants, only to see she wasn’t wearing anything. I had slipped so far I was not face to face with the last step of Mary’s digestive system.
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