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Lucky Find

WC 193

"Come on, let's go home. We'll never find it. Plus it's getting dark." Joey kicked the sand and grabbed his stick. "I don't like the dark." Now he was trotting away.

I wasn't ready to give up. We'd been digging for hours. The beach was full of our holes. As soon as we hit water, we stopped and moved to another section. I was sure we'd find it. But as usual, Joey gave up when the going got tough.

"Gee whiz, Joey! Just a few more minutes! The sun isn't even below the water yet!" I kept on digging. Suddenly I hit something hard. "Hurrah! I think I found it!"

Joey turned around, then ran and jumped back to the hole where I now sat. He fell to his chest and peered into the crater I had created. "See! Told you we'd find it!" It lay at my feet.

"Joey! Benjy!" Millie's voice rang out over the sand dunes.

"Now it really is time to go," said Joey.

We trotted home with our find.

Millie stood at the back door. "Good dogs! What did you two find today? Oh no, not another bone."

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